Tuesday , December 1 2020

Samsung Galaxy A-Series Will Use Fingerprint Sensor Produced by Aegis Technology: Report

Samsung is expected to introduce screen fingerprint sensors in the Galaxy S and Galaxy A series, which are expected to begin in late 2018 or the beginning of 2019. Just a few days after Qualcomm received an order from Samsung for upcoming ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensors, a new report emerged claiming that another supplier would make optical-screen fingerprint sensors for Galaxy A Series smartphones. A report from South Korea claims that Samsung ended Aegis Technology as a supplier of these sensors.

In a report from ETNews, Taiwanese company Aegis Technology will supply the on-screen fingerprint sensor for the Samsung Galaxy A (2019) series. The report alleges that suppliers will produce optical sensors instead of ultrasonic devices they will supply to Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The new ultrasonic sensor is said to have a more advanced, faster and wider recognition range than existing optical solutions on the market.

In terms of large differences, the optical sensors sit in front of a handheld device and the ultrasonic sensor adheres to the back of the display panel. It has also been reported that optical sensors affect the image quality on the screen and are also sensitive to lighting and other external influences. Ultrasonic sensors also take the 3D image of the fingertips, making them more sensitive to the optical sensor, taking into account the back and pores. As previously mentioned, several reports in the past claimed that the Galaxy S10 would come with Qualcomm's ultrasonic sensor.

Citing sector sources, the report claims that Samsung Electronics will present the screen image of Aegis Technology to its Galaxy A-Series in 2019. Related sources, the two companies (Aegis Technology and MediaTek & # 39; s Goodix) competed against each other, he said. Take the contract to make the sensors, but at the end, Aegis Technology has.

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