Thursday , September 29 2022

Russia reads the Hollywood film after its first rejection, Entertainment News and Top Stories


MOSCOW (AFP) – The film did not sink.

The local distributor said on Wednesday (November 7th) that Russia has allowed a US box-office record when an American submarine crew has mysteriously been delayed and saved a Russian president.

Hunter Killer, who was released last month in the United States, was taken hostage by the Russian defense officer of the traitor II. A thriller starring Gerard Butler as the US submarine captain trying to block World War II.

It was supposed to come to Russian cinemas last week, but the film ministry took last minute, after the Ministry of Culture received a screening license.

"Tomorrow is the thriller that will star in the lead role of Hunter Butler, along with Gerard Butler," said Megogo Distribution on Facebook on Wednesday.

The ministry initially confirmed that it refused to approve the release, because the company did not show that it had "transferred the film to permanent storage for the Russian state film fund".

Others, however, suggested that authorities could block the film to present a fictional scenario in which a Russian president was dismissed.

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