Friday , October 7 2022

Rebel Wilson apologizes for allegations of romcom "plus size"


Rebel Wilson said he was eden very sad ”for claiming to be the için first big girl dü who led the romantic comedy.

Star Wilson commented on his new movie Isnenert It Romantic in Ellen DeGeneres Show last week.

However, he defied his claim, pointing out that several black plus-size actresses, including MoèNique and Queen Latifah, led to romcoms.

The Australian player initially hit back against those who objected to Twitter, which prevented users from making critical comments.

However, a 38-year-old later apologized for his response, saying, ler I am aware that what I say is not only false, but also incredibly hurt. Ancak

After his original claim, a user wrote in Twitter:, I love Rebel Wilson as much as the next girl, but not the first plus-size lady to play the lead role in a romantic comedy. Queen Latifah and MolarNique both played romcom ways. "

The answer that Wilson was uy questionable abilir whether these roles continued to be counted further exacerbated the issue.

Led Yes, of course, I know these films, but we could also question these questions: 1. While shooting these films, they are technically the plus size or 2. Technically these films are catorgorized / billed as a studio rom-com with one bullet. So there's a light gray area. "

MoıNique, the last holiday star in 2006, said,, take a moment and learn the past.

#RebelWilsonBlockedMe has started to be a trend for users who make critical comments about the hashtag, no longer viewing Wilson's tweets.

A few days after the first launch of the Twitter series, he apologized, dil Twitter has blocked people because I see the damage, birkaç he said.

He added: "The people I actually have to hear less, not more."

The Australian actress said she was ede deeply upset da to her fans:, With the help of some compassionate and well thought-out responses in the social media, I realize that I am not only wrong, but also incredibly hurt.

Ut Being part of a problem that I hope to help is making it even more embarrassing and difficult to accept. “

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