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OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR (OTCMKTS: OVCHY) is one of 63 publicly listed companies in the “industry sınıflandırıl industry, but how does it contrast with its competitors? We compare OVERSEA-CHINA / ADR with companies related to corporate ownership, profitability, analyst suggestions, earnings, valuation, dividends and risks.


This table compares OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and its competitors' net profits, return on equity and returns.

Internal and Corporate Ownership

0.01% of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR shares are held by institutional investors. In comparison, 25.1% of the shares of all commercial banks, which are not classified elsewhere, are held by institutional investors. 11.9% of the shares of all 39 non-classified tutul commercial banks are held by internal companies. Strong corporate ownership is an indication that big money managers, donations and hedge funds believe that a company will perform better in the long term than the market.

Analyst Ratings

This is a summary of the latest recommendations for OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and competitors as reported by

As a group, the 39 non-classified commercial banks 48 companies have a potential of 48.85%. Given the higher odds of OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR competitors, analysts openly believe that OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR has a less favorable growth direction than its competitors.

Risk and Volatility

OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR has a beta value of 0.72, indicating that the share price is 28% lower than the S & P 500. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR's competitors have a beta value of 0.91, which means that the average share price is 9% less. More volatile than S & P 500.


OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR, dividends per dividend of $ 0.51 per annum and dividend yield is 3.1%. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR pays 36,2% of its earnings as dividends. As a group, the; non-classified commercial banks 36 companies distribute dividend yields as 3.1% and dividends as 36.2% as dividends. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR expects its competitors as dividend when considering lower dividend yield and higher payout ratio.

Earnings and Valuation

In this table OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR and its rivals are compared to top incomes, earnings per share and valuation.

OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR's competitors earned more revenue, but lower than OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR. OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR is traded at a lower price-to-win ratio than its competitors, indicating that it is now more suitable than other companies in the industry.


The OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR competitors exceeded OVERSEA-CHINESE / ADR by 10 of 12 factors.


Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited offers financial services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Great China, other parts of Asia Pacific and internationally. The Company's Global Consumer / Private Banking division offers a range of products and services to individuals, including checking accounts, savings and fixed deposits; housing and other personal loans; credit cards; asset management products consisting of unit trust, bank insurance products and structured deposits; and brokerage services. This segment also offers investment advisory and portfolio management, real estate and trust planning and wealth structuring services for individuals with high net worth. The Global Corporate / Investment Banking segment provides project financing, excessive cost, trade finance and deposit accounts; fee-based services such as cash management and custody services; and investment banking services, including financing solutions, syndicated loans and advisory services, corporate finance services for initial IPOs, secondary fundraising and acquisitions and mergers, as well as private and structured capital-linked financing services. It provides services to companies, the public sector and small and medium-sized enterprises. The Company's global Treasury and Markets division is involved in the supply of structured treasury products and financial solutions, as well as currency operations, money market operations, fixed income and derivative transactions. The OCBC Wing Hang segment offers commercial banking, consumer financing, share broking and insurance services. The insurance segment of the company offers fund management services, life and general insurance products. Others are involved in the segment property and investment holding activities. As of May 7, 2018, the company operated 590 branches and a representative network in 18 countries and regions. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited was founded in 1912 and headquartered in Singapore.

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