Tuesday , July 27 2021

Ocon, Verstappen, takes a look at the future of F1

Sao Paulo – Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen glanced Formula & # 39; s future with their fiery battle Grand Prix of Brazil.

Two young and high-grade stars collided in an incident with Red Bull's Dutch lead to Verstappen's leadership in the race. This, in turn, caused the racers to lose their wrath in a violent clash with the French after the match-fixing drivers. room.

The collision gave the 10th victory of the season to five loyal champions, Lewis Hamilton. His victory confirmed that Mercedes has retained the title of builders for the fifth consecutive season.

Verstappen, who had threatened to forcibly push Ocon three times and shoot him, was ordered to conduct a two-day community service in the administration of the sport's governing body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA).

Their collision lasted several years as opponents in young formulas, both of which were defined as potential champions, and that their formula was in Sunday's struggle.

He was given a 10-second suspension that caused the crash, but was backed by the grand India team, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff and Hamilton, who had a grand stand viewpoint. . 60 percent of the incident and Verstappen blame said.

Immediately after the race, the Mercedes driver stated that the Dutch should leave more room because Ocon has “nothing to lose ın and that he has every right to try and fire himself.

"I thought it was just a game to try to relieve himself for it," said Hamilton. "Of course, you don't want to cause an event, but in these scenarios, you give each other space.

"It's so simple to give each other space. You're never assuming that the person inside is inside, because he's a backmarker and he'il be back.

Im You have to accept the fact that it might be there … (and think) I'll leave more space because it's actually a different race for me.

"That's my idea. So, I didn't look 100% like a place. It was like 60-40 …"

Formula One's official race director, Charlie Whiting, then announced why Ocon was punished.

She said that she had una absolutely şey allowed the French to leave her completely, but that it was what she was trying to do wrong. He could have waited until Turn Four, where Ocon's Ocon, on fresh tires, could be more vulnerable to Verstappen's self.

"There have been many times in the past," said Whiting. Malı But, of course, you expect it to be done safely, and it must be done more, clean and absolutely without war.

"If he has that speed, he can normally say that Red Bull has the speed of Ocon, or something like that. He seemed to be waiting. He was just a little unfortunate." He decided to fight for it to be totally unacceptable. "

Verstappen's father was the first glare of clash between a back-pointer and a race leader since 2001 in Brazil, where Jos's Juan Pablo Montoya recalled the infamous 1993 Japanese Grand Prix. Ayrton Senna overthrew Eddie Irvine. with a fist.

Whiting, however, added that Verstappen has made no difference as he is the race leader.

”It is making it even worse in the eyes of most people, but when it comes to concerns, it doesn't matter.“

After the race, the shadows were overshadowed by a dramatic nail-biting curtain in an exciting competition, which was another championship for Mercedes and the competition of the warm knights expected to be in a Mercedes from 2020 onwards with Ocon. Bull's Verstappen & i.

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