Monday , June 27 2022

K-pop group Blackpink will no longer accept gifts from fans


Blackpink recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and has been showered with lots of gifts from their fans.

On Tuesday, October 12, the talent agency of the K-pop group released a statement saying that Blackpink will no longer be accepting fan gifts from October 12.

As reported by Korean portals, the statement reads: “After a long discussion with Blackpink members about fan support and gifts that their fans have poured their hearts into over the years, we are making this difficult announcement.

We will no longer respectfully accept fan support or mailed gifts from fans to celebrate Blackpink’s special occasions such as anniversaries (group debut anniversary, solo debut or birthdays), broadcasts (music shows, radio shows or variety). performances) or concerts (snacks, celebratory garlands).”

He also stated that while all four members are grateful for the gifts and fan support, they prefer that the gifts be channeled to where they are most needed.

Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa are still good at getting fan letters. However, gifts sent by mail or packages delivered will be “returned or discarded”.

Blackpink has achieved global success with many of her songs and music videos, including Kill This Love and How You Like That.

Three of its members (Jennie, Rose, and Lisa) have also gained additional fame through their own solo work. Meanwhile, Jisoo is preparing to make her first lead role as an actress in the upcoming K-drama. Snowdrop.

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