Saturday , July 31 2021

Gerard Butler lost his home on the social media in California forest fires

Gerard Butler explained in detail the destruction of his house due to a number of photographs and video of California forest fires.

The actor documented his terrifying horror on Sunday with his millions of followers after a fatal flames known as the Woolsey fire when he lit the Malibu manor to the floor.

In Welcome to my home in Malibu, ”the star said, looking at the remains of his possessions. In another mission, he thanked members of the Los Angeles fire department and supported their support.

Dı He returned to my home at Malibu after his release, “he wrote. 39 Heart breaker time in California. I've always been inspired by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thanks @LosAngelesFireDepartment. If you can, support these brave men and women in Get in touch with biology. "

A few stars have lost their homes since the fire began to spread Thursday. Beverly Hills Real Housewives star Camille Grammer and singer Robin Thicke among them.

Dı Unfortunately, my home could not be saved, yak Grammer said, writing next to a horrific image of his house being cremated. I Brave firemen rescued my vehicles and saved my housewarming from my house. I thanked the fireman and firefighter team for all their hard work. "

Thicke's pregnant girlfriend, April Love Geary, shared bitter news in a post that once had a look at a door with houses.

"Our house is gone," he cried.

Calabasas, Malibu, Agoura, Topanga, Hidden Hills and West Hills are estimated to have killed more than 180 homes in threatening disasters.

Between Woolsey's fire and the nearby Hill fire, more than 250,000 people were forced to leave their homes and were forced to block the damage, including various celebrities. Lady Gaga, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Will Smith shared their brushes with fire in social media.

. He sends my prayers to everyone, Lady wrote Lady Gaga. Bu I think it's too deep for anyone suffering from these nasty fires and suffering for the loss of their homes or loved ones. I'm just sitting here wondering if most of my house will explode in flames. "

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