Tuesday , July 27 2021

Football: United States outclass Smooth Man with 3-1 derby wins


MANCHESTER, UK, November 11 (Reuters) – Premier League leaders Manchester City, 3-1 victorious against Manchester United left the fight on Sunday, and the two unanimous side of Pep Guardiola left Liverpool Liverpool.

There is no doubt about who are the best dogs in Manchester, while a long season remains to prove their dominance in the Premier League for the City.

Until the 86th minute, İlkay Gündoğan was replaced by City.

But when it came to the quality, transition, organization, individual skills and pace of their football, City was in a different league on the side of Jose Mourinho.

United is now 12 points behind the eighth consecutive town, and it is clear that United will be able to offer the champions a little more than stability and effort in response to a smooth and stylish indicator.

David Silva banished City in the 12th minute after Bernardo Silva, left from a Raheem Sterling, returned to his goal and took the time before the Spaniard exploded his home.

For the rest of tomorrow, the City was comfortable in his hands, searching for it, but it wasn't overly threatening to expect a response from Mourinho's men, and apparently content with United's goal.

But only three minutes after the gap, he doubled City's lead – a clever swipe that crossed David de Gea before Aguero scored a goal and captured the ball with Riyad Mahrez.

Mourinho, who did not hurt the French midfielder Paul Pogba, brought Romelu Lukaku to Jesse Lingard in the 57th minute and helped his team back in the game in seconds.

Lukaku was brought to the region by the city's goalkeeper Ederson and French advanced coach Anthony Martial.

But it was a wrong dawn.

United was back two golds to win this fixture last season and showed a similar character in Juventus on the Champions League on Wednesday, but there were no means to open City or keep its back guard safe.

He was victorious four minutes after the city, he placed 10th in 12 games this season, the elite Bernardo Silva chose Gundogan in the region, and when the German made it 3-1, he didn't make a mistake.

A strong message, Guardiola & # 39; s team may have set a record last year, but they will continue this season.

But Guardiola, his team's narrow gap over Juergen Klopp's Liverpool is not being eliminated.

"That's two points, four points from Chelsea, this isn't anything but good, especially where we come from.

"When you earn 100 points (last season), people – can you protect your level? Everybody wants to stay there should be a level," he said.

The city is home and targets silver products in Europe, but Mourinho's focus is less on the eye-catching but necessary attempts to participate in the Champions League.

. We're out of the top four, how can we talk about the title? Let's fight to close the gap to skip the quad, "he said.

"12 points [difference between the sides]. Our team is developing a lot. Even if he was defenseless, even though he accepted three goals, it was a positive performance – individual mistakes. "

(Reporting by Simon Evans, editing by Pritha Sarkar and Ian Chadband)

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