Thursday , August 11 2022

Finally we have a release date for Dota 2 Patch 7.20.


After giving speculation and uncertain clues about the launch of the international large 2018 patch, we finally received approval from the Valve.

A blog publication published on November 5 Dota 2 web site, Valve, celebrated the Tigers by winning the DreamLeague Season 10. And the last line of the article pointed to the developer, the date of the patch release.

Valve bomb fans are waiting months, the long-awaited 7.20 slope November 19 – Kuala Lumpur Major is expected to be released a day after the result.

Kuala Lumpur Major, 2018-19 first Dota The Pro Circuit season takes place from 9 November to 18 November. 1 million dollars and 15,000 DPC Points will see 16 teams fighting in the prize pool. These points decide which teams will receive invitations for Invitational 2019, so Majors' winning teams usually make a pretty good shot to get in.

The team's release date is excellent because teams give plenty of time to practice using the new changes before the next DPC event, New Bucharest. Many experiments until you understand what the players do.

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