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; Fantastic Monsters 2 & # 39; Twist Will The Fans Of Anger?


Offenses in Grindelwald & # 39; Revelations, & # 39; Harry Potter & # 39; long-lasting fans of their series may be pleased (or angry).

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He sees release this weekend Fantastic Beasts: Crimes in Grindelwald, secondly J.K. Rowling and director David Yates have five Fantastic Monsters sequence. The first film presents a relatively easy plot on Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) and Rowling's new characters Wizarding WorldAt least until the third act, this second installment goes to all the lady of Rowling's universe and enters the struggle of Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) and Dumbledore (Jude Law), briefly mentioned in the Harry Potter series. Crimes in Grindelwald spreading, some are wrong and surnames, family trees, political links and birth rights. This isn't something new to those who invested in Rowling. Harry Potter Books for the past 21 years, but for those drawn to the franchise because of clean plot lines and structure Harry Potter non-readers are welcome films, Crimes in Grindelwald Please see your reference documents at the door.

Harry Potter The film adaptations, first written by Steve Kloves, have underestimated or skipped the major parts of Rowling's work, and remained indifferent to who was involved as long as they cut back, bypassed the prophecies, and did not affect the main story. This was partly due to the necessity of creating a viable working time, as well as assisting viewers who had not spent their time pulling themselves into Rowling's novels. If done today, there is no doubt that every movie installment will take place below. Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) was divided into two to make room for each land line. It is controversial whether or not this will create more powerful films. Fantastic Monsters The films that see Rowling as the first screenwriter are investing in the connective tissue and various subjects that another screenwriter can ignore on the basis of adaptation. And in fact, what was set as a trilogy turned into five planned films in total.

Rowling's novelist and novelist-heavy approach to screenwriting is not exactly new user-friendly. Instead, he rewards those who re-read the sequences and then pour them over time to reward those who spend their time. Pottermore & # 39; Abut she feels the truth for Rowling's style and voice. Very Crimes in Grindelwald The name is built upon recognition, not much by blinking, but to show that every input and reference is important, not now after. The importance Rowling gives to the power of expansion Wizarding World an alternative course from Lucasfilm's own creations through prequels. Star wars continuation trilogy.

J.J. Abrams' Power Awakens One of the biggest questions in 2015 was how these new characters, Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren, were interested in the old guards of the characters introduced in the Original Trilogy and Prequels. From the logic: Rey Luke Skywalker's daughter, ordinary: Finn Lando or Mace Windu's son, there were theories about how all of the fans were connected. No matter how much they talk Last Jedi It can be seen as completely exhausted, it turns out that Rey is his # nobody & or perhaps more accurately, his own personality, which is not tied to the fate of another person. The only person from this new generation Star wars The characters that have the direct object of the past are Kylo Ren and this factor has left him a divided and emotional wreck. While Kylo tries to add his identity to the concepts and names of the past, characters such as Rey, Finn, Poe and Rose, who offer no relationship, are free to reveal their heritage and are important because they simply exist because the pieces in the name game. Despite Last Jedi There are also those who are hoping for a more fan-service-friendly answer to be introduced in Abrams, which clearly states that Rey's background and money are not important. Section IX or Star wars stories. Just this summer, fan theories and timelines, Rey's actually SoloQiulra and Darth Maul. Genetic issues, aside (at least with a pair of horns, nationality), probably do not make any statements about Rey. However, efforts to name it, give importance to names and family trees are not far from what Rowling is doing, and they are far more secure than any of these factors. Star wars prequels

Center Crimes in Grindelwald Cennence is the effort of Barebones (Ezra Miller) to find the true parent. As an obscurus, one of the most powerful magical beings in existence, Grindelwald claims in his efforts to continue the war against the non-wizarding world, while the Aurors' global coalition tries to eliminate him before Grindelwald can capture it. Credence is, interestingly, a dark mirror image of Harry Potter. He is a child who has been abused by another who has been holding tremendous power for a dictator. However, Harry is identified by his surname. Despite his desire to be normal to be anonymous, his name acquires ally, prestige and academic kindness. Potter's name can be attributed to a curse, but Harry is usually blessed by him and his family is his blood, and the love that originates from it and saves him again. Harry Potter and his life as ve The Boy Who is Alive ve complements himself and his code of ethics. But Credence is undefined and morally gray, as he pursues the bullet manipulated by Grindelwald and his followers. He yearns for something to come forward to take part in the big scheme of things. While Rowling's toys were thought to be unique and uniquely unique, Rey's third actions gave concrete answers, and more than a few writers sent through a shocking audience. When Credence's path intersects with Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz) and the secrets of the history of the Lestrange family are revealed, it turns out to be someone who is not a destiny, not a destiny, but a dead one. there is no.

Credence's identity changes the course of the Witch World mythology, which we think we know, and if a handful of people are filled with a handful of people wearing magician's attire, they are rewarded by those who spend their time on the show. among various media formats. Of course, not everyone will be satisfied with the revelation, and Rowling's latest work was described as fan-fiction. This is an interesting criticism of the fact that Rowling's world will play as he chooses; Crimes in Grindelwald it is based on the importance of nouns and massacres, and what is related to it. Interesting to see some gaps Crimes in Grindelwald and Rowling's Fantastic Monsters for Harry Potter Compared with the response taken byLast Jedi to get away from the previous entries and completely kill the characters seen as the staplers of the franchise. He mentions the divinity that we give to the iconic stories, and tells them whether these traits can remain, and whether they can continue to be iconic because of name recognition, or they can expand due to breaking the ties that bind them.


Fantastic Beasts: Crimes in Grindelwald

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