Monday , May 16 2022

Epic Games reduces the availability of Mounted Turrets in the default modes of Fortnite


One of the newest ”weapons En Fortnite: Battle Royale It continues to see changes less than a week after its release.

Added turret mounted, Fortnit to Will not appear frequently on November 14th Fortnite's The default game modes according to Epic Games. The developer has reduced the availability of attached Turret in Solo, Duos and Squads playlists.

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In all default modes (Solo, Duos, Squads) we have reduced the availability of the Mounted Turret. Now enter in and continue sending us your feedback.

While this item hasn't been in the game for a long time, the Master Opens Turret has changed quite often over the last few days. On November 15, Epic published a correction that significantly reduced the health and ground health of the Turret.

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Now, following the decision to reduce the usability of the Attached Turret, Epic may start to feel more like a mythical element, as rarely suggested. Epic also asked fans to continue to send feedback on Mounted Turret, so he made it clear that the developer was planning to track this product heavily.

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