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Bintulu Port Holdings' Q3 earnings lag behind low revenues

PETALING JAYA: Bintulu Port Holdings Bhd's third-quarter net profit for the third quarter ended September 30, 2018, declining from its previous year's RM 34.55 million to € 46.65 million.

Income for the quarter was RM161.97 million, down 9.10% from RM188.19 million a year ago.

In a Malaysian filing, the group recorded a revenue of RMB 126.32 million RMB in the quarter compared to RMB 145.76 million compared to the previous year, while Bintulu Port generated revenue to handle liquefied natural gas (LNG). while 14 is lower than RM14. 18 million.

Revenues from the Samalaju Industrial Port amounted to RM23 million in the quarter compared to the same period of the previous year, compared to the previous year, compared to the previous year, to 22.26 million RMB, while revenue from bulk plants compared to the previous year's figure of 10.17 million RM. RM 12.65 million.

Compared to RM.110,000 compared to the previous year, the other revenue recorded at RMB 8.16 million was higher.

8,12 million RMB, from the second quarter of 2017 until the expiration of the concession in 202, the dividend income of RMB 2.98 million and EUR 4.94 million due to the reduction of the contractual liability in the LPG Pier lease agreement in BPSB. It contains snow.

In the quarter, revenue from construction services for a 50 million RMB concession infrastructure was compared with RM 19.79 million recorded a year ago.

Di The cost of concessional construction was accepted for the neighborhoods under scrutiny. This is the recognition of revenue and expenditures under IC 12: Service Concession Regulations. Bu

In this quarter, Samalaju Industrial Port Sdn Bhd. Due to increased labor costs and direct operating expenses following the full operation of Phase 1, the expenditures of one year ago were higher at RM120 million, which was RM113.32 million compared to the previous year.

In the nine-month period ended September 30, 2018, net profit declined from 42.62 percent to RM.1.19 million a year ago, down 1.11 percent year on year to RMB 498.58 million.

The Group has proposed to raise a dividend of 2 years per share to RM 2.9 million for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018 (FY18). For FY18, the total temporary single-rate dividend is 8 years per share.

The group said the performance in 2018 was affected by the deterioration in LNG sources, which led to a decrease in the number of vessels searching the port.

Iyor The container sector is expected to show positive growth throughout the year examined. The cargoes dealt with in Samalaju are expected to contribute positively to the revenue growth in 2018, Sam he said.

Öngör Although a positive development is expected from handling container and Samalaju cargoes, they are not enough to ease the unforeseeable shortcomings in LNG cargoes, “he warned.

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