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Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill has canceled herself with the Halloween costume & # 39;

  • Jaclyn Hill spent a messy year following the disastrous launch of lipstick, which allowed customers to complain about injury and contaminated broken products.
  • YouTuber and the beauty guru continued the scandal and have been updating his channel regularly ever since.
  • Hill threw this year's Halloween party at the LA mansion, and flaunted Cheek costume in your Instagram story.
  • In addition to a bloody make-up, she wore a black dress with the lettering “Jaclyn Hill canceled” and “Canceled ılmış stripped on it in red letters.
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Beauty guru and YouTuber Jaclyn Hill canceled by her language-in-cheek & # 39; cancel & # 39; I ran at the annual LA party.

Hill had a messy year thanks to a terrible lipstick launch. In May, it launched its own cosmetics brand Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, the first brand of 20 cosmetics groups. First, the beauty community complained of a “nude ru definition of lipstick and suggested that the swatches were changed.

However, once the products started to come, customers said lipsticks were deformed, broken, tiny holes, even mold and hair pieces or shimmering fractures. Some people said they swollen their lips or left after applying the product. Hill wandered around the problem, but later agreed to reimburse customers' long-term complaints.

Nevertheless, Hill has since returned to her regular recording schedule, and Jaclyn Cosmetics said her appearance was brilliant. At the LA mansion, at the annual Halloween party documenting his Instagram stories, he released a video showing himself in the "canceled" costume, a salute of this year's scandals.

A "cancellation" means being called online for insulting or abusive behavior. In Hill's case, it appears that he did not take his “cancellation” too seriously. The costume she wore was a black dress with a red letter that says "Jaclyn Hill has been canceled" and "canceled" and Hill matched it with a bloody makeup look.

It is unclear whether the make-up should apply to its own scandals or whether it is just an eerie addition to the look. In the background of the video, Lady Sovereign's "Love Me or Hate Me" song plays and makes another reference to Hill's controversial stance in the beauty community.

Several beauty community members already exist articulation Hill's costume illuminates what many consumers have about security issues. However, self-development can be pale, even compared to the culturally appropriate one she wore in 2017.

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