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7 businessmen who point out that your Business Partner doesn't trust you, according to a relationship expert

There are signs that your partner doesn't trust you.

There are signs that your business partner doesn't trust you.
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  • Trust is an important part of the relationship.
  • April Masini, an associate author and expert, talks about the most common symptoms that INSIDER does not trust your partner.
  • This can show how you interact with friends.
  • If they look at your phone, this is another possible sign.

Some of the most common recommendations for maintaining a healthy relationship are good communication, sexual chemistry and, of course, confidence. We all feel how trust is important in relationships, but if there was something you had been betrayed in the past, it could be difficult to let these worries and fears go away.

How can you really jealously jealousy and really decipher the others to cross the line? INSIDER spoke with the author and expert, April Masini, to find signs that your partner doesn't trust you.

They're on the phone.

Big red flag staring at your partner phone.

If you come into the room and see your partner passing through your phone, this means a big red flag.

Edi If your partner doesn't trust you, the first place they go is to see who's calling and texting on your mobile phone, who is calling and texting, and texting others. “ Manu & # 39; as well. Di Mobile phones have become zero point for betrayal. Therefore, if you or your partner have problems of trust, you or your partner will see the symptoms of these problems when you stop checking each other's phones. Bu

They ask the same questions over and over again.

Doing the same conversation over and over, because he doesn't trust your answer.

If things are a bit repetitive and your partner wants to reassure questions that you've already answered, you might be testing to see if you've changed your answer.

. If your partner asks you something and repeats the same question over and over again the next day, it's not that he forgot about it later. Because they don't trust your answer, ın Masini explains. ”When your partner is suspicious, they will be asked again and again.“

They check your wallet for a receipt.

They want to back up their worst suspicions.
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If the other one is passing through your receipts, your chance isn't just to see what you order for dinner.

. If your partner doesn't trust you, they'll be looking for evidence of their worst suspicion, Mas Masini said. Lar For example, they will look for credit card statements and receipts that may show hotel stays, restaurant visits and gift charges for other people. They may even be looking for hidden credit card accounts that you keep away from them. "

Flame dying in the bedroom.

Having trust can lead to less closeness.

According to Masini, if your partner doesn't trust you, they probably don't want to feel close to you -, good sex requires confidence Mas.

Of course, where there's good communication, there's a million reasons why things don't work well in your sexual life.

They're very incriminating.

They can blame you without any evidence.

If someone doesn't trust you, they can start accusing you of what you fear they're going to do, even if you don't have any proof of that.

. If your partner doesn't trust you, they'll begin to charge you with acts you can't even blame, Mas Masini said. I They blame you for what you suspect, dealing with the reeds to see if their biggest fear is true. If these strange accusations begin to come, understand that this is your partner who tries to protect himself and himself by forcing your spouse's fingers to mark their fingers and preventing them from going through a truth that will do them right. Stay open and be honest. "

They're hanging out with people who encourage their fears.

They may be bonding with betrayed people.

According to Masini, if your spouse starts suddenly with betrayed friends and appears to be a club or support group, that may be a problem. Ir Some partners are not direct when they feel they are not reliable. Therefore, in friends who have the same fears in their relationship, they act in a passive-aggressive way and find support for their fears. "

While it may be important that your partner receives support from friends, especially those who have had similar experiences, it may seem worthwhile to speak, although it may seem to be fueling their fears rather than helping their fears.

Your partner's starting to shut you down.

They're trying to protect themselves, but they're pushing you.

Being vulnerable with someone and sharing your deepest feelings with them is just one of the incredible benefits of a healthy relationship. But someone who doesn't trust you may not feel comfortable doing this.

. If your partner doesn't want to share the vulnerable parts of his life, he's not safe with you, Mas Masini said. Yönelik They stopped trusting you, and this closure is a way to protect yourself from an unreliable person by standing around one's feelings. Does this happen to you? Iye He asks, Masini. ”You probably don't trust your partner.“

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