Thursday , July 29 2021

2019 Does Apple iPhone use a mix of different antenna technologies to reduce production costs and increase efficiency?

Currently based on trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo TF International2019 Apple iPhone models will use a different antenna technology kit. The iPhone, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR 2018 iPhone mobile phone uses 6 Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) antennas. The report presented by Kuo to its customers has been seen by AppleInsider, and the analyst tells customers that next year's iPhone units will maintain a pair of LCP antennas and will use the Modified Polyimide (MPI) technology for the remaining four antennas.

The analyst lists several reasons for the change. Kuo, LCP antennas are difficult to produce and brittle. MPI antennas are easier to produce and have higher throughput rates. If Kuo is right, and Apple switches to a mix of 4 MPI antennas and 2 LCP antennas for the next year's iPhone, shipments to LCP antennas Apple will be reduced by more than 70% in the second half of 2019.

Apple originally went to the LCP antennas of 2017 with the Apple iPhone X. The addition of MPI antennas increased the number of antenna suppliers used by Apple to two to five. The company likes to include suppliers because it provides an advantage when negotiating pricing, and in the case of a shortage of components, that Apple has alternative suppliers.

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