Friday , September 24 2021

Young residents of Vilnius during the heat surprise their neighbors: their ideas melt their hearts

Girls – neighbors whose idea of ​​owning a lemonade stand has been replaced by nothing but movies. As Vaida, the mother of one of the girls, said, as soon as she heard the idea, she thought the girls would be great.

“When the quarantine started, the girls spent more time at home than usual, so we paid a lot of attention to planning what we were going to do in the summer. The idea for the lemonade buffet was born from movies and videos. Both girls are particularly communicative, so we had no doubt that they would do well,” the woman smiles.

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PHOTO GALLERY. Luknė and Vija delight those around them with homemade lemonade

He tries to do everything himself

Of course, girls’ parents also need to extend their hand, but their initiative is endless. They are full of ideas they want to realize and they use their creativity to help and try to do everything they can:

“The fathers took care of the production of the booth, but the girls painted everything themselves, made their own colors and designs, drew the lemons themselves and took notes. Even younger brothers and sisters were involved in the process.”

Vaida assures that the lemonade was not really made according to the first recipe found, that the drink passed the girls’ taste tests, and the whole team worked on its production.

“We also have to contribute to the lemonade production process, because we want a quality, tasty and most importantly fresh product, so we hand-press the lemon juice just before serving it to the neighbors, which takes a lot of physical strength, but the girls cut lemons and make sugar syrup. Therefore, I can say that it is a perfectly coordinated teamwork.

The idea that friends invented makes those around them happy: they come from all over Vilnius.

The girls searched the internet for recipes, and we tested them until we found the right flavor,” said Vaida about the production process.

The community really enjoyed the idea, even though it was the first summer when the girls invited neighbors and passersby to freshen up their lemonade production. Some come more than once, not twice, some come here specifically to taste this drink.

“I was really surprised by the friendliness and support of the community. We shared the promotional video in the hope that maybe the closest neighbors would notice and come to taste the lemonade and support the girls, but the reactions and feedbacks carried even the most optimistic estimations.

In fact, people from the neighborhood walked several times, drove privately, took pictures, shared pictures. Everyone was fantastically friendly and willing to talk and interact with the girls.

Of course, Luknė and Vija are really actively trying to invite passers-by and passers-by. I am very happy that we live in such an understanding, supportive community, ”says the woman, delighted with the success of the girls’ idea.

A simple idea that brings the community together

True, you will not always see smiling girls on the podium. They delight their neighbors from noon to the last drop of lemonade for the first time, and now they spend a few hours on the bench after their all-day activity.

“Since the first time was Sunday, the girls started “working” at 12 o’clock and only finished when they poured the last lemonade. Anyway, they choose how long they’ll make it, but we ask them to agree and plan ahead, because it’s not just fun, it’s the same. We also want there to be lessons about responsibility, sense of duty, division of labor … talk to them, if you promise the people who come will be there the next day, the next day is and you are there. The girls go to the camps, so they stay at the booth for a few hours on weekday evenings. “

Asked if it’s possible to enjoy lemonade all summer and see the happy faces of the girls, Vaida laughs that she’ll definitely answer that she’ll have to take a break from lemonade, as the girls always have it, but there are other plans. production.

The idea that friends invented makes those around them happy: they come from all over Vilnius.

“If you ask themselves, of course they plan to do it all summer but they have plans for a vacation with grandparents and by the sea so the booth will rest as well. No one really knows how long they’ll be able to sustain their enthusiasm but these days their goal is to have a plan, a plan, a thought and a new lemonade for the evening. It is gratifying that he created the recipes”.

This fun summer kiosk lets the girls save some money, but what’s most gratifying is that such a simple idea brings neighbors closer together.

“It’s also gratifying to be able to save on ice cream and other trivial things. But it must be admitted that this whole process is not really about money and earnings, it is a fun activity that brings the community together, where neighbors meet at the lemonade stand, socialize, and the tips and nice words left to the girls. ”Vaida smiles.

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