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You no longer receive e-mail. Emails in Gmail? 3 tips to recover a blocked account

Almost one in every four inhabitants of the world – more than 1.8 billion. users – using a Google Account, according to research firm Statista. “Google” users get 15GB of free space which is mostly consumed by main products Gmail email. email, Google Drive for document storage, and photos. Storage space is easily filled, so in a message to the media Bitės Profai shares 3 tips on how to free up space.

“Active Google Accounts quickly fill your space with various photos, newsletters or other documents. You will not receive emails exceeding 15GB of free data. Email important documents or store them in Google Drive. Removing various documents can take a lot of time, but a few tricks.” If you know, you will do this job much faster” says Bitė Profė Agnė Adomaitytė.

A quick way to delete old emails

If you have been using your Google Account for many years, you can easily make it free by deleting your old mails. For example, to delete emails older than a year, type – older_y: 1y in the search box. Depending on the age of the messages you want to delete, you can enter another number of years instead of the unit. For example, you can also delete messages from months ago by typing “older_than: 3m”.

“When old mails appear, mark and delete them all. Deleted messages go to the Trash where they can be recovered for another 30 days. After a month, they are automatically deleted without the possibility of recovery. Trash messages continue to take up space on your Google Account. Now permanently remove your mail from Trash as well to release it. Remember to delete any promotional emails or newsletters that are no longer relevant today. You can do it with just a few clicks of a button via the CleanFox app (Android and iOS), ”explains Bee Profe.

Attached mail – photos, documents, and even videos – can take up a lot of space in your Google Account. For example, to see emails that take up more than 10 megabytes, type “attachment larger: 10m” in the search box.

Delete the “hardest” documents

Various documents in your Google Drive storage take up significantly more space in your Google Account. Click the “Storage” button on the left to see a list of all stored documents. It starts with taking up the most space – on the right you will see the size of each document. You might be surprised at how much memory you use, such as videos that may no longer be relevant to you.

“To delete a file, highlight it and click the trash button that appears on the right (top). You can delete multiple documents at the same time. If you are using a Windows computer, you should hold down the CTRL key while bookmarking and hold the CMD key on your Mac. These buttons are especially useful for deleting data faster. In addition, deleted documents initially go to the Trash, so you will only free up space by removing everything inside, ”says the technologist.

Optimize photo size

When you receive a notification to free up space in your Google Account, be sure to review your photos in the Google Photos storage. If e. It’s easier to delete emails and miscellaneous files in Google Drive storage on your computer, and it’s easier to free up Google Photos on your smartphone. In the library of this gadget and useful tools, you will see recommendations for blurry or low-quality photos.

“If you’ve opened Google Photos in a browser on your computer, click on settings and you’ll see a section where you can choose the upload size for your photos and videos. To reduce the quality of your photos or videos, we recommend choosing Storage Saver instead of Original Quality. Although you won’t have photos in their original size anymore, it’s good enough you will keep the quality and free up a lot of space in your Google account, ”says A. Adomaitytė.

A smart device expert encourages you to take advantage of the awesome Google Photos search features. Here all you have to do is enter a month and year name, for example, enter a screenshot to see all your screenshots, or March 2000 to see all photos from that period. A. Adomaitytė adds that it makes no sense to search for several identical photos or videos. Google Photos always identifies such files by their date, time, and size, so it only saves one at a time.

If you do not plan to delete existing documents, you can buy more space in your account that we can share even with family members. 100 GB costs 1.99 euros, 200 GB – 2.99 euros and 2 TB – 9.99 euros.

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