Tuesday , March 2 2021

Work from home continues: programs and a dedicated space in the home will help maintain productivity

Staff management professionals, quarantine restrictions are still strict, but even if they are lifted, office work will increasingly be combined with working from home. Therefore, the media said another year of video calls and conferences is approaching, where they are recommended to update their most frequently used telework programs, take care of high-quality equipment and create a work space at home.

Work from home continues: programs and a dedicated space in the home will help maintain productivity

Gadget updates for safe operation

During the pandemic, the Zoom application, which became one of the most popular applications in the world during quarantine, was probably most used for remote communication. So it’s probably already available on many Lithuanians’ devices, but this and other apps need to be updated periodically.

“Earlier last year Zoom faced data security and user traffic management challenges it solved with the release of software updates. So use the latest version of Zoom – Zoom 5.4.9 to get high quality conversations and is also common in Lithuania. Update other existing platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts used as a “,” says Šarūnas Urbonas, Huawei Product Manager in Lithuania.

For those who want to increase the productivity of telework, it is recommended to pay attention to file sharing programs in the cloud. They allow you to securely store required documents online where they can be easily accessed at all times and edited in real time by all team members. This is particularly useful for long distance searches where live document corrections can be made “here and now”.

“Organizing a long-distance conversation to have a quick and short conversation with colleagues is inefficient – questions can be asked via text. Therefore, it makes sense to use correspondence programs like Slack for effective communication between colleagues. Second, it allows teams to communicate effectively via text messages. has become very popular during the quarantine, but there is much more to do – create separate team chat rooms, share files, photos or fun pictures, ”says Š.

Take care of the equipment

If possible, it is recommended that you update not only the applications on your computer, but also the device itself. To get the highest possible call quality, it’s worth paying attention to three aspects of the computer screen – size, power, and system features.

“Telecommuting is special because we need to perform several computer-intensive tasks at once, such as listening to our colleagues in a conversation and also jotting down the thoughts of the conversation, and recording a video chat at the same time. Therefore, the power of your computer becomes particularly important – when choosing a computer, it depends on its processor. Pay attention and choose older than the Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 generation. Also, evaluate the capacity of your video card and RAM – choose devices with at least 4 GB of RAM. Finally, wirelessly to ensure uninterrupted calls and computer accessories running smoothly. Don’t forget to evaluate the strength and speed of the connections – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – and USB connections, ”says Š. Urbonas

While the specialist performs many tasks at once, the size of the computer screen is also important – it should comfortably accommodate at least several windows. Finally, the expert recommends evaluating the computer’s system functionality – whether these help ensure smooth operation.

Create a space for work

During the pandemic, employees of companies faced not only technological difficulties, but also deterioration in emotional health – especially at home work and leisure time became difficult, and their lack of social life disrupted their well-being. So this year, it is worth taking care of creating a separate workspace, if you haven’t done so before, to ensure that your motivation does not run out and you can work at home without problems.

Experts recommend making a clear distinction between working and recreational areas – it is not necessary to set up a study, but it is worth deciding that you will work on the dining table and not, for example, on the living room sofa or bedroom bed. This way, it will be easier to pull out of work and the level of productivity will increase significantly as the brain will begin to associate a particular place with work activities rather than leisure time.

It is also recommended to establish a clear daily schedule – working at specific hours and leaving tasks at the end. In addition to time for a lunch break or short rest breaks, healthcare professionals recommend getting up from your chair for at least 10 to 15 minutes after each working hour.

There are other “temptations” at home – when we retire, we want to quickly dry laundry, unload the dishes from the dishwasher or quickly rearrange wardrobes, and we don’t even realize how complicated and time-consuming housework is. In such cases, keep in mind that their working hours are for work and they are not busy at that time. This will keep you much more productive, get things done faster, and give you more time for other tasks later on.

Finally, it is recommended to spend time for quality sleep and sports. This will help to have more energy throughout the day, stimulate active brain activity that determines productivity and good emotional well-being.

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