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Wedding planners and decorators celebrated the closing of the season


Of course, it is always fun to prepare a program for such celebrations for women with other group members. "It is always a pleasure for the singer or band to learn that they are very fond of the newlyweds and they choose to create the air of the night for the most important part of their life."

The second year, "Planning, Decoration, Celebration" event is organized between the wedding designers and decorators. "Like the great performance for this wedding theme, the idea of ​​the event is explained by his launcher, the famous wedding planner Inga Šmigelskienıları. – We, the wedding planners, have sat down as guests of the festival and have a program offered by holiday service providers. We learn about the latest trends and special offers we can offer to the newlyweds. "

Wedding Season Closing Party

Wedding Season Closing Party

Event organizer Nedas Stankevicius opened the evening at Margis Hotel. In addition to the Queens group of Roses, US artists Aldegundas and Folk Trio, recently moved to Lithuania and planned to take part in the national election of the Eurovision competition, can also be seen on stage. An exciting performance on the stage was also proved by the mentalist Nicholas Kin. "I think magic, illusion art and mindset – it's an integral part of a wedding celebration that I like and exhibit on the stage. Because the banquet itself is already magical: the two hearts are brought together so that the family is created. says N. Kin.

The start of the event, I. Šmigelskienoğun, said that most of the people who returned to the wedding business one day only knew this from the point of view. "I realize that I don't know people who work in the same area, I don't know what kind of company they have, what's important to them, and what's going to worry.

Wedding Season Closing Party / Photo Nerija Januška

Wedding Season Closing Party / Photo by Nerija Januška

It was also the idea of ​​creating a wedding planner-decorator group, feisbuke, and soon organized the first meeting of representatives in this area. After a successful event last year, we have decided to further our traditions, – in cooperation with the wedding planner Inga Klimien etkin, who is interested in the opening of this event and the decoration of the festival plan, we have no doubt about the benefit of the event throughout the whole of Lithuania.

According to the event, Kristina Kaikairien Ka, the first wedding planner participating in the event, has recently become fashionable in Lithuania. "Every year I want to be more panel wedding organizers. However, the amount of enthusiasm and enthusiasm that is required by this job is starting to emerge soon. All in all, this activity is a real test for an ophthalmologist's family:" Almost all weekends, feast days "Sell" – he said. K. Kaikarien orada, while observing that it is very easy to enter the market, it is very difficult to stay there.

"I have dreamed of a fairy tale myself, and I've caressed it, as in most of my childhood, but when I go, I'm afraid that if there were any wedding organizers in Lithuania, their prices wouldn't be worthy of me at the moment. For you, I don't have to have a tire budget, but I also have to remember that the costs of the wedding, so remembering that my dreams, stress and work on a festive day did not happen, I want to help other girls avoid this, accumulated knowledge, experience and ignorance give customers instant confidence. "I am pleased to help them to know the newlyweds, to create something interesting, specially designed for them," says I. Šmigelskien, who is seventeen years old to organize a business.

Wedding Season Closing Party / Photo Nerija Januška

Wedding Season Closing Party / Photo Nerija Januška

When planning a wedding, K. Kaikariene realized that it was important to respect not only the wishes, observations, insights, but also the parents of the newlyweds. "A conscious wedding planner," he says, reminding that traditions are still celebrated in Lithuania, celebrating the wedding feast for young people, a beloved wedding planner who said that they care about the budget "it is important to have no trouble after the holidays," he says.

The start of the event, I. Šmigelskienaya, the last wedding season this year, not only in summer, but in the spring and autumn in warm and sunny weather depends on the fact that the leaning. Un We never had such an air that allowed us to start beautiful outdoor projects üy – I. Šmigelskien dekor congratulated the members of the wedding planners and decorators community for their unrivaled friends and colleagues who could be contacted at any time. one or another. K. Kaikarien said, mak It is perhaps easier to believe that the activities of the wedding planners are not really affected by chaos. K.

One-time wedding planner Inga Klimien K is looking at the next wedding season. "Next season we'll see more bride dressed in large, wide-sleeved or ribbed dresses. Fabrics for fabrics: knitted inserts or feathers. I've been given more freedom to create decor-oriented decor-oriented decorators, so the decorators are increasingly showing the quality of their services to their fiancee. The next year, this trend will only appear. "- I. Klimien daha, talking about the trends of the coming season.

A well-known American florist at the event asked about future trends, emphasizing the season's individuality, elaborate projects and attention to detail. "Important fantasy and high quality follow!" – A. Mažonas does not doubt.

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