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Ukrainians nominate Vygaudas Ušackas as presidential candidate


Citizen Union-Lithuania's Christian Democrats elections were held in the country at the weekend. During these years, he was nominated for this political power, which would represent the party in the presidential election on May 12, 2019. This was the first time in the political history of Lithuania, where a party-backed candidate in the presidential election was elected by universal first election.

In this open election, the two candidates competed – Seimas Member, former Finance Minister Ingrīda Šimonyte and former Foreign Minister Vygaudas Ušackas diplomat. The revised policies will ensure both political and financial support for the TS-LDP during the election campaign of the Lithuanian President.

Participants who are not members of the party (15,000) and not registered under the age of 16 (previously 20,000) are eligible to participate in the elections in the TS-LKD.

The president of the Ukmerge Conservatives, Agn olduğ Balči venien sayı, said that Agnler Balči ;nien demokr, president of the Ukmerge Conservatives, turned out to be a true democracy: ge We are happy that there are many bright and friendly people – young people, gymnasts, businessmen The journalists expressed their desire to join our ranks during these two days. "

On November 3-4, 311 people were elected as presidential candidates in our district. Of these, 169 (54.34%) gave their votes to V. Vyslakas, who was elected honorary citizen of the Ukmerge district in 2013. Another candidate, I. Simonyt), 142 (45.66 percent), gave vote to the Ukrainian.

A total of 20,859 voters voted in the country. I. Šimonyt 16 418 (78.71%) voters received Vote for the vote, V. Ušackas 4 441 (21.29%) voters.

After the election, V. Ušackas said he did not feel the punishment for the defeat. He congratulated everyone on the victory of democracy, and above all gave a general idea to his family – the children and their wives, their companions, their time, their thoughts and energy: "I thank everyone who believes, I met my expectations and saw them." Here is a chance for Lithuania. Lithuania for breakthrough. Dear, right, happy and prosperous for our party. This idea has been working on our professionals for the past few months. Absolutely, clearly, bravely. And for a moment I will not doubt that the steps we add to my software provisions will take place in building a strong future for Lithuania. "

V. Ušackas pledged his assistance to help his deputy I. Šimonyte as important and necessary.

At the weekend, TS-LKD members elected candidates for next year's municipal and European elections. The Ukmergė branch, listed in the European Parliament, voted Radvile Morkunaite-Mikulesinienė the most.

After publishing the results of all voting, Liudas Mažylis (4 053 votes), Andrius Kubilius (3 281), R. Mork Miknaitė-Mikul Mnien) (3 033), Rasa Juknevičien 4 (2 983) and Audronius Ažubalis (2335).

311 people came to the open polls in Ukmerge.

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