Friday , August 19 2022

This weekend, three asteroids and a whimsical comet pass through the world


The collision with the comet of the world is unlikely to cause any harm, because it would burn as soon as we entered the atmosphere of our planet and become only a falling star.

It is likely that it will not cause any harm in the collision with the comet of the world, it will burn as soon as we enter the atmosphere of our planet and become a falling star only. / Scanpix photo

NASA's eyes are caught by three great asteroids and comets that must travel around the world this weekend. This 2018 VS1 asteroid on our planet will be removed from the first of the 386 771 km in 14: 03. Saturday

Experts from California believe that its size can range from 3.65 to 27.7 meters in length. There is no danger that an asteroid will face Earth, but if it were, the results could be really bad.

The second asteroid with size and speed will be similar to the first, but at a safer distance than 5.02 million kilometers.

However, the third asteroid will fly much closer. The CX1 asteroid will move around 18:21 in the world. On Saturday, the distance from us will only be 381,474 kilometers. This is a smaller distance that separates the Earth and the Moon.

Objects flying around the sun can approach the Earth from time to time.

The American Space Agency warned that "Astronomical misalignment may be far from the" humanitarian "perspective: millions or even tens of millions of kilometers.

And if it is not enough, it will join the trio with a scary-looking, skull-shaped comet.

Officially, it was named "2015 TB145" and it was the last time on the World since October 31, 2015. This time from our planet, the Earth and the Moon, which is approximately 1.3 distance from the distance corresponding to 486 022 km.

The object of this extraordinary form is actually the specter of the Sun comet comet, a dead comet that has been around for millions of years around our star.

It is reported that the diameter is about 700 meters.

Asteroids are mainly composed of rocks or metal, while comets consist of ice and rocks.

It is believed that the name of Halloween and even Death, even the name of cosmic rock, has the status of a comet until it evaporates for a long time and becomes "dead".

When it collides with the Earth, it will not cause any harm, because it will burn as soon as we enter the atmosphere of our planet and become a falling star.

There is, however, nothing to fear a comet or Earth and the other three asteroids mentioned above.

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