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Thieves on the "What & # 39; s On" portal issued a message about NATO's plans to attack Belarus


published: 2018-11-08 18:33

"What happens in Kaunas," the news said on Thursday, after the completion of cyber attacks at the end of October, NATO has misplaced its plans to attack Belarus.

"We've taken steps to find and remove this publication from the portal, and we've started to access the portal, as evidenced by the in-depth investigation of the content of this publication, from the original data that was not published by the editorial staff of the article. The editor of the portal "What & # 39; s Going On" turned out to be cyber-theft from foreigners – editor Brigita Sabaliauskait t.

The publication of the title of "NATO plans to occupy Belarus" was placed on the portal on October 25th at 15.30. The investigation, however, revealed that the message was artificially placed by delaying the date and time of the installation.

According to the portal, on October 26 between 13.11 and 13.43 cyber attacks were organized.

BNS, the attack on the information received from the Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday.

According to him, the portal employees did not see any false information about themselves, because it was artificially late to publish the date and time in the news archive.

The company has applied to law enforcement agencies and Cyber ​​Security National Center for this attack.

BNS news agencies are not allowed to produce information on mass media or websites without the written permission of UAB "BNS".

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