Thursday , September 29 2022

The tradition of change is gaining momentum in Kaunas: this time it changes with toys and books


Although there are a lot of platforms on the Internet where people can distribute unused things, clothes or books, there is still a lack of traditions of change. For the first time in the city, a deliberate Kaunys initiative is being held on repressors – this was replaced by toys and children's books on Saturday.

The Science Cafe, which operates in the city center, allows you not only to buy coffee or tea, but also to buy a variety of healthy products, regularly organize various training events, and traditionally have surge suppressors on Saturdays. Dresses, books, plants, sweaters, board games, accessories and other items were exchanged.

"The concept of the Tumbler stems from the establishment of a cafe. The artist Enrika Marozaitini, while creating the interior, was raised by old chairs, tables, shelves for the second life – we did not take new ones. It inspired me to promote a tradition of exchange," he says. café-thinking company, all activities are based on waste-free use, a world called zero waste philosophy.

. If something is old, the other will be new. We're less excited about the planet, and others are better to make our joys throw less. Imizi

According to him, a lot of communication is a pleasure: "Go back, meet, communicate. We want people to get closer, because everyone is so foreign now." According to her, a community is already around the house, many are saying it to a comfortable home.

Let's shave the planet less and throw away less joy and give the others better.

Among the plans of the flowers is that women can perform their services, make beauty, make a manicure or cut one another. Also, because they are not only exchanging, but also testing their games, it is planned to exchange table games and perfume again and again.

Everyone was invited to the box next Saturday. Maybe there's plenty of jam this year, but you want something brave? According to Medina, change can be anything, so if you can't find the right change, give your opinion.

"The best ideas are born for coffee or tea. We sit and talk, we give birth to ideas and we realize it. It's very good in our experience. It's a place where everyone is welcomed," he said.

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