Friday , September 24 2021

The landlord T. Augucevičius survived a restless night – he caught a thief wandering around the house

The man who could not sleep noticed through the window a blurred person circling the house in his summer quarter in Pilaitė and went downstairs to catch him. The man told me about his adventures on a social network account.

agreed to share the story with readers.

“I caught a thief tonight. Seriously. Pilaite, I made you safer. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep any longer. I heard quiet strange noises through the open window. I go into the window and watch him go: 4 am, all dressed in black, in hats, in private Let’s see where it will go.

He left the block and came back from where I saw him – into the woods by the fence. While I was getting dressed, my wife saw him riding a bike.

Wandering around the hut, I see that nothing is taking me. I’m going back to bed. I’m trying to sleep. A few minutes later it squeaks again.

Now I jump right into my pants, take my jacket to the porter, and start searching. Adrenaline hits, I don’t even know if he’s armed. I can see the same thing coming out of the woods on a bike. I shout at the station. It attacks thought with all its might. To capture.

About 800 meters from the house, he collapses off the bike and walks abruptly. I’m after you.

I’m drowning, I call the police and I keep my distance. After about 15 minutes, your dear Cobret writes a statement to the official machine.

The authorities find out about Gennady’s name in the system and sue – they are wanted and already have problems hanging the whole sandwich. How was your night? “At the end of telling the story, the host asked his friends a question.

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