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The astrophysicist Stephen Hawking's car was opened to about 300,000. pound

The asteroid falling from the moon was raised to 600 thousand for auction. dollar

2018-10-20 @ 7:53 am

His rocket, falling in the shape of a meteorite, was more than 600,000 on Friday. USD (522 thousand euros). As described in Boston […]

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Hawking's ashes will be buried in Westminster Abbey near the tombs of Newton and Darwin.

@ 08:00

The ashes of the late legendary physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking (Steve Hopkins) will be buried last week at Westminster Abbey in London, near the famous British scientist Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton). […]

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Einstein's letter on God in the auction can be sold to 1 million. dollar

4:15/2014 on 6:43

The New York auction will sell 1.5 million. A letter written by Albert Einstein's Albert Einstein handwritten note and summarizing his ideas about God is worth $ 1.3 million (€ 1.3 million). […]

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Titanic passenger letter sold in the auction in England

2017-10-23 @ 8:48

In England, the sunken one of the legendary Titanic passengers sold to his mother for $ 126 thousand was sold. Pound (166 thousand dollars). letter […]

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We brought the family ring 650 thousand to the luggage market. pound

08/18/2012 at 11:08

The luggage market proved to be extremely valuable, with a ring of only 10 pounds and a dozen years and jewelery ring. It turned out to be the giant "eye" of the ring. […]

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Banksy's selling $ 1.4 million auction sold itself

09.09.2015 at 09:10

A picture of Banksy (Banksy), a famous graphic artist, erupted within minutes of Sotheby's sale on Friday night's 1.04 million auction. Pound (1.4 mln. […]

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Queen offers business – 30 thousand salaries. pound

2017-02-15 @ 13:50

Is cocoon constantly persistent, unhappy and irritable? Do you feel overweight when you work hard? It's time to quit the queen of the queen. Currently UK […]

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A place in the Sejm – 10 thousand. almost half a million euros

2016-10-27 @ 14:05

A place in the new Sejm could cost 10 thousand dollars. He counted "Lietuvos rytas" for about half a million euros. According to Finance, a place in parliament was the most expensive worker. […]

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British tenants will have to pay up to 4,000 to pay the rent. fine

2018-03-30 @ 12: 42AM

British housing creditors will have to ensure a reasonable level of energy efficiency, including protection from drafts, in accordance with the new rules that will enter into force on April 1st. Criminals in England […]

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Justin Bieber car sold at auction how many?

2017-02-17 @ 14:14

Ferrari's Ferrari sports car was sold at the Arizona auction, which included the same artist Justin Bieber. The car was built according to a special pop star […]

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