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Technology in cars: for safety and entertainment

Digital world

"A few years ago, when discussing with members of the Lithuanian State Car Commission, we were discussing whether stability, road behavior, steering wheel and the like, being secondary, and the usual features of how fast the car was. And this, in fact, grows every year, so maybe the commission was so pleased with the tests after making the Suzuki models very simple but fun to use, "said Dina Sergijenko, member of the election commission.

No one asks a question about the presence of a Bluetooth headset in the car because it can be found without exception in all cars. Since it is much easier to control the management of all systems, the number of keys in the cabinets is reduced, the screens change. Modern machines have many features that do not have enough space for buttons.

Photo of Vytautas Pilkauskas

Photo of Vytautas Pilkauskas / "Audi A7"

All 33 vehicles in the competition had touch screens, increased and multiplied – even the Volkswagen Touareg has a 15-inch display. Audi cars have smaller monitors, but three. Also Jaguar I-Pace.

Journalists who had missed a weekly "Lithuanian car" test camp in Druskininkai not only tried, but also had to learn the nuances of each candidate from start to finish. Information and security systems in some cars require more attention than ever.

Experts reviewed the automobile technology: Matt Buzel, Autoplius Portal Communications Manager, was looking for new tools, Telia's team of professionals tested the car's connections and Ar :nas Kiaušas, Export and Sales Manager of Export Office in Poland, told the future trends. .

Manufacturers come with something new – hard

Matas Buzel recognized the level of ergonomics for Audi. While the smart screens are distracting the driver from the road, the Germans have created an extremely easy-to-use operating system and provided feedback on the screens. Audius Stasiulaitis, Director of Public Relations, Objects and Communication Technologies The Internet experts of Giedrius MarkŪnas and Julius ūža also received the highest score of this German car. They appreciated all Volkswagen Group vehicles and emphasized their connectivity and ease of use.

Photo of Vytautas Pilkauskas /

Photo of Vytautas Pilkauskas / "Volkswagen Touareg"

Bunu Cars are developing very fast, they're moving better, quality is rising, screens are growing, but there's not a lot of innovations we can't see, For example, one of the most expensive X5 race cars of BMW, one of the flag ships, doesn't have something very innovative in the interior. He did better than before, "Matas Buzel said.

Still, a number of innovations have been found: here, the Hyundai Santa Fe has a system to inform the driver about the person or the animal in the car, so the parents do not leave them alone.

British electromobile Jaguar I-Pace is one of the first markets to offer an electrochemical sunroof that changes transparency depending on the amount of light. Surprised by the navigation system using the front camera to display directions on the actual road displayed on the screen is a Class A Mercedes-Benz. Nissan LEAF released the E-Pedal, which allows you to drive a car with a single pedal. The Peugeot 508 is still relatively new and has only been translated into the middle class with the lightest night vision system. And here's the ability to immerse yourself in a trailer with Volkswagen Touareg.

A.Stasiulaitis praised all the tools for the connection, almost all information systems were clear, understandable and comfortable to use, but also found anecdotal situations. This is where Honda experts discover the uncertain HDMI connector and the non-new user interface. The graphics of the Nissan Leaf system did not work with technology experts, and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro mobile phone with a 6.39-inch screen did not fit into the wireless charging area of ​​the BMW X2.

Other entertainment

Automotive technology has come a long way: as with phones, drivers can fold the menu items when needed, welcome to the cars when opening doors, talk to most premium segment models, and request a voice to call someone, find an address.

Var Despite all this, the problem is that there are many cars that are not related to driving. Think of yourself: Is there an adaptive cruise control system with motion and stop function while the system is on the move, emergency braking in the vehicle, danger warning, and other things to do in case of congestion? Correctly, pull the smartphone and go through fiesbuke or read the news pages. Therefore, in the light of this trend, it is a pleasure to see that the car manufacturers not only offer toys, but also audio systems, internet, vehicles and more, and also watch pedestrians, bikers, animals, stops, driver fatigue, and strip break warning. and such. systems. I was pleased that manufacturers always wanted to deactivate and warn me of the terrible and disturbing beeps that they wanted to warn of the danger: Don't let the steering wheel, seat, or even the throttle vibrate, ici – Another panel of intelligent technology was reviewed by Commissioner D. . Sergijenko.

Experts realize that there will be more screens in the future, fewer buttons. Sometimes the steering wheel disappears, but you still have to wait.

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