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Statkevičius: If I start to talk, I'll probably be a repossession for ointment again

– At the end of November, you offer "Juozas Statkevičius fashion house" for 30 years. What mood changes a few weeks before the holiday?

– The team was 30 when he was always working with the event. We work hard to ensure that viewers are seeing the best, the old and the new, and they're working hard. It will be presented the same evening and my book is an album. This celebration is a unique result of the beginning of a giant and a new phase.

However, the new generation has grown for over 30 years, and has created over 100 performances in more than 50 collections, offering my work in Paris, a member of the French Couture Association, and winning several awards. I could do a lot.

– Have you been excited for a long time?

– Of course, the excitement arises if we consider what you expect every time before the collection's presentation. However, presenting 80-100 models on the podium – too much, I plan to deliver up to 180 this time, which is even more difficult. It's hard to find models that teach you to take you to the podium. We can dress them up nicely, we can do make-up and make-up, but nobody can turn them into a podium. It doesn't belong to me, and so on.

– How much more: This year's 30-year-old fashion house will be launched, there will be a 180 model podium and a thousands of pages will prepare an album.

– Thousands of pages are too small to put everything together. It surprised me and those who worked on this album. It was time for designers to do one more shot. By the way, these thick books don't even sweep in Lithuania. Such a book weighs 3.7 kg.

Juozas Statkevičius

Juozas Statkevičius

© DELFI / Kiril Chachovsky

– How did it all start? Even before I started fashion design? Does your mother have a great taste?

– My mother has unnatural blood. My grandfather served in the French army. Moscow soldiers returned to France, several soldiers sunegalavo, one of them – my grandfather. He broke his leg, so he stayed in Lithuania. He then began teaching the French language to one of the landlords' children, who received a land allowance. My grandfather created my family in Lithuania, and my grandmother was born for him.

Taste is said to be passed on from generation to generation. Even though Mom didn't sew her buttons, she always knew what she looked like. I've always seen him tight, cuddly, handsome and dressed. Even now, almost 80 years old, he doesn't spit his tongue. The mother is a representative of the next generation. Her beauty is a sort of ritual and cannot be seen in the city, just as we are coming out of our house with wet hair.

– Could she have been born in Kaunas, perhaps this is part of the culture of this city?

– Why do you think this isn't the case in Vilnius? After all, the director Galina Dauguvytytty always had a sit.

Of course Kaunas Kaunas – a temporary capital, a more nationalist city, where there is more bourgeoisie. But I like the fact that Vilnius is more different people, different people, democracies … However, I think many things depend on a person's character.

– Your fashion house is 30 years old. How did everything start?

– Kaunas S. deukas Applied Art Technique, then at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, later bought an internship at the Arnhem Fashion Academy, where I took the Grand Prix for three years in the Riga Festival. I defended my last work and started my non-rosy, but stoned path. The road that leads me to Paris.

I would love to be the first person to manage to travel to fashion. Couture member of the association.

30 years have passed since then, all the roads have been opened, but no one dared to repeat the same thing as me. Remember, I wanted to go to Paris to call Moscow phones, make a call to the French capital and find out who could accept me. There was nobody waiting with their hands open. But then I had a lot of courage, determination, power, desire, thirst …

I get Couture I was very surprised to have a picture with my country's president, his wife, his ministers, and no one helped me, he didn't support anyone. They didn't understand. There's a completely different approach to fashion. We don't have this industry, no clothing culture.

Juozas Statkevičius

Juozas Statkevičius

© Augustus Didzgalvis

– A culture of clothing in the thirties?

– Where do you see him? Is there any place in the fabric or shoe factory? We don't do anything, we don't do anything, we don't have anything, we just send it from abroad and sell it …

– Why do you think that is?

– I shouldn't ask that. As far as I can, I'm trying to nail the arius land, I'm showing you my example. I had to be in the fashion capitals of the world, my clothes were sold in luxury stores.

Unfortunately, little attention is given to the culture in Lithuania. There are many discussions, there are choices, but I don't notice anything about culture. Where is the support for young people in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius? It's nice to be free, but when you reach a higher level, is there still the place that the state supports?

I remember my work was presented in Paris 20 years ago. I did not return to Lithuania as anything else, maybe a few magazines … And my friendship, which I read in the Netherlands, returned to my home as the city's fashion capital and presented my collection to the embassy where I expected the embassy of my country and foreign media. A Dutch duo … in Lithuania, this is incomplete, nobody intervenes, does not help creators call the name of their country.

I'm a little joking, but I'm actually ashamed to open the door to Paris, but nobody used it …

– So, in the thirty-year space, was there only a negative change?

– I don't know, it's changed, we're free. But what else? I've been working for many years, I'm not sitting around, but I can't see anything. My friend Dalia Ibelhauptaitesinde has been working for 20 years, discovered and raised singers who sang even once in the best world operas, and even a talent topped her own theater. This is our culture.

– You see a bad point of view?

– If I start talking, I'm probably beginning to revive a tree that everyone hates. I prefer not to say I'm not to be crucified.

– It's been a year since the famous Sputnik scandal. How do you evaluate this activity now, whom do you choose to interview?

– What did I say? Injustice? I guess I used my name to gain some degree of familiarity and win. If you are already afraid of such sites, why not warn you about any services and not to talk about similar websites? I remember, then, I've been troubled about the delivery of the collection, and I don't know all the media calling the portal or the radio …

Juozas Statkevičius

Juozas Statkevičius

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

But we can all be wrong. One year after the scandal and what has changed? Do older people receive higher pensions or do the students receive a higher scholarship? I could tell this fact to both the French and the Americans, and the truth is often uncomfortable. Someone took advantage of it. However, in this interview I have said that I loved Lithuania many times, I worked for this, I created a lot of jobs, the same collective has been working for 30 years. It also tells a lot about the character of a person.

– What is the nature of theater costumes? How did all this start?

– When I was a third grade student, I made costumes for the "Orchestra" of Jeano Anouilh. In order to see the performance, my teachers arrived at the Main Artist Dalia Jurginien öğretmen. After this performance he saw my talent and told my colleagues that I was entitled to a diploma.

I remember the performance shown in my dreams and the five women working there in the retirement home. It was important to wear them properly. And even though the game itself is quite deceptive, I've managed to make good costumes, although I've never paid for the costumes. Then we didn't even have the flower decor. I wondered how I got the camera bands with the actors, we've hacked ourselves to produce stamps and to put them in the arms of the costume … We design couture for the past.

Sometimes it's sad, a performance is better, the other is worse, and I can't let myself get any worse than before. Sometimes my costumes are stronger than performance itself. Perhaps at least the costumes can attract the spectators who are waiting for some kind of surprise.

Prepared by Eimant hazırlanmış Juršėnaitė.

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