Thursday , August 11 2022

SBA furniture stores "Berry" closes, e remains. marketing


Klaip &da Baldaz Prekyba, managed by the SBA Group, will close Berry at five physical furniture stores in Panev şužys, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Kaunas and Vilnius. The "Berry" trademark, furniture company managed by Swedish and Lithuanian investors plans to strengthen the position of furniture in the e-commerce market of UAB Furniture1.

Berry salons will close in 2018. At the end of 2019 at the end of the year.

In the SBA group, furniture sales for the final consumer were not strategic – last year the share structure of the whole group did not reach 3%.

Özellikle The decision to sell this brand perfectly matched our long-term strategy to liquidate the core business of our group, strate said Paul Nevinskas, business development director of the SBA Group. e-commerce.

According to him, the SBA Group is currently looking for opportunities to expand other companies outside Lithuania.

According to SBA information, the Berry brand is among the three most recognized brands in the Lithuanian furniture market. It is oriented towards the middle and upper segments and is distinguished by the widest choice of furniture.

The acquisition of the Berry brand will strengthen our position in the expanding electronic furniture market and enable our customers to offer a wider range of products and buy from a trusted vendor online from a trusted vendor and benefit from the very efficient supply chain at the best price, "says Pius Makarevičius, UAB Head of Furniture

Furniture1 also bought the online store currently operated by "Klaipedos bald bal prekyba" offering more than 9,000 furniture and home accessories. This company's shareholder, UAB Inredhemma Europa, is associated with the Bygghemma Group, a well-known home accessories brand in the Nordic countries.

The SBA Group is one of the largest Lithuanian investors. More than 90% of SBA products are exported to nearly 40 countries worldwide. In 2017, consolidated group revenues amounted to 313.18 million EUR, investments – 51.3 million. Eur, profit – € 9 million. In addition to other companies, the SBA group Klaip içerdos baldai, Šilut trs baldai, Visaginas line, Germanika, Kauno baldai, a smart real estate developer Urban Inventor, an innovative knitwear manufacturer Utenos trikotažas, Mebelain, includes the investment management company Capitalica Asset Management.

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