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Saulius Prüsaitis returned home: hometown of "39" album opened | names


The singer did not hide that he was more worried than usual before the concert in his hometown. Ti I'm scared,, he admitted. But I didn't feel excited when I came on stage. Starting with his new album "Pajuda jaunimas", he described how he met a boy who was a good friend of Marijampole as a child, and how his son told him a beautiful story with him 30 years later today. This is Laimonas Jančas, a guitarist of the band S. Prusaitis from Marijampolon.

It is safe to say that the concert was successful at "Marijampole". There were a lot of joke pranks and the audience was aware of the jokes that were conveyed by singer about local traditions. The concert was very hot, it was possible to feel that the singer was returning home.

Since the middle of the concert, the audience did not live in their own places. At the end of the concert there was no longer. Fans not only survived bis, but also screamed for a long time.

Photo by Saulius Pr tarafındansaitis by Marijampolė by Dainius Celė / Concert

Photo by Saulius Pr tarafındansaitis by Marijampolė by Dainius Celė / Concert

The young singer Igl also attended the concert. The performances of the S. Prusaitis student, who won an "X factor" in the teacher's concerts, became a tradition, but this was extraordinary.

Iglı celebrated his nineteenth birthday this day. And he was waiting for a big surprise: S. Prusaitis brought 4 kilogram cakes on the carefully guarded stage in the cupboard at the concert. The showroom welcomed the young singer with applause and tears from these feelings, but she barely traveled.

VIDEO: Saulius Pr &saitis & Iglesi Bernotaityt & # 39; in Marijampol d at the concert

The concert featured all the songs of the most famous new album: "You're not stubborn", "Girl's shock", "You've found a home", "What are you standing here" and of course the title "39". And also the most famous hits in S. Prusutis: "Summer 3016", "We want to dance", "Forever power", "Meile you", "Sweet sweet" and others.

The end of the tour after a month – the last "39 show" will take place on December 15th. In the "Žalgiris" arena in Kaunas. Adı I'll donate to a donkey there and you'll be bitten after that, “she whispered.

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