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Not only are obese and passive people with diabetes, but Aisthe explains how it happened at the age of 18.


Every second person in the world does not know that diabetes has this disease. There are more than 100,000 people with diabetes in Lithuania. According to physicians, because of type 2 diabetes, the person does not feel symptoms, so a regular check should be made.

Inspection should abstain, especially in the use of obesity, misuse of unhealthy food. However, the first type of diabetes can cause even young, thin and healthy people. This was described in the DELFI TV studio.

Aiste Jakimaviči ilkt 10-Bikauskei is now 28 years old and has the first type of diabetes for 10 years.

Elvyra Ramaškien Mod, Aistus Jakimavičiūtavi Bikausk A, Modesta Petravičiratv

Elvyra Ramaškien Mod, Aistus Jakimavičiūtavi Bikausk A, Modesta Petravičiratv

© DELFI / Kiril Chachovsky

Anda During these years, I experienced all kinds of things like bullying at school, the lack of understanding of school staff, as well as new technologies adapted to manage this disease,. Aistad DELFI told the TV studio.

– Education on health-related issues is particularly important. So. We can eat when we understand the disease, or we can't do anything. Diabetes is a very bad-natured disease because today I don't feel bad, but after 20 years it is very sad, so it is very important to talk about it. I would like to share this knowledge with the people I have shared with myself. "

A pharmacist in Eurovision, Elva Ramaškienh says that everything that has been diagnosed with diabetes in the family – diet, regimen – has changed. "It's not just for a person diagnosed with the disease," he says.

What Is Diabetes And What Is Different Types Of Diabetes?

According to Aistes, who is being treated with diabetes, the most common myth is the disease of diabetes due to excessive management of childhood confectionery. "People think diabetes is directly related to this," he says.

Endocrinologist Modesta Petravičiėtū said that diabetes mellitus is a disease in which blood sugar is present.

"The pancreas produces an insulin hormone that regulates blood glucose. It lowers blood glucose by transferring it to the cell and thus takes energy. When it is diabetes mellitus, insulin does not have any insulin in its first type of diabetes or its absolute deficiency. disease, says endocrinologist.

Modesta Petravičiavitesta

Modesta Petravičiavitesta

© DELFI / Kiril Chachovsky

– Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by obesity, but also without movement. When the body weight is high, insulin resistance develops in the body. This means that the cell needs more insulin to allow glucose to enter. A person needs less normal contraction and an obese person needs more. As a result, at first the person feels good because the pancreas causes more insulin, because it needs more.

Eventually, the function of the pancreas disappears at a given time, insulin is reduced, and then the second type develops diabetes. Both the first and second cases of diabetes are caused by genetics. It is a complex disease determined by both genetic and environmental factors. "

The doctor says he doesn't know exactly why people are developing the first type of diabetes.

"Think differently – the virus is genetic, but the exact cause is unknown. There is a genetic predisposition, but the cause is not fully known," says the doctor.

According to the doctor, the second type is changed the risk factors for diabetes – start exercising (recommended to move at least 30 minutes per day to increase heart rate), a balanced diet and adjust the cholesterol level in the blood. When weight falls, blood pressure is reduced.

Pharmacist E. Ramaškienm says that it is difficult to detect the first type of diabetes these days, but the first symptoms should be checked:

  • thirst;
  • frequent urination;
  • weight loss

Elvyra Ramaškienv

Elvyra Ramaškienv

© DELFI / Kiril Chachovsky

Prevention of Type 2 diabetes

The sooner a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the better. Dr. "Patients will eventually go to the hospital for a few months before being forced to go to a hospital, reanimation and disease," Petraviči "t devam says.

When it gets worse, the taste of acetone in the mouth is felt.

"In adults, the symptoms appear to be lighter, they do not pay attention to children as they are, so it is sometimes advisable to control blood sugar levels prophylactically. People are believed to have an increase in blood glucose, but not diabetes and the disease can be prevented. The endocrinologist says.

"First of all, health can still be cured, but as in the first case, you will need to have a second type of diabetes, insulin, etc. There is no way to go back," says Aiste, diabetic.

"As we know, 80% of people with type 2 diabetes die of cardiovascular disease because everything is neglected," says E. Ramaškienind.

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