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Multiple attempts have been made to communicate with aliens: what are the consequences?

JJ von Littrow overlooked the implementation of his idea. However, even years after this ambitious plan was introduced, humans have not stopped trying to make contact with life forms outside of Earth.

So what messages did humans send to the aliens? Attempts to connect with extraterrestrial civilizations are reviewed by

Radio communication, as it was thought, became a means of realizing the desire of the Earth to announce its existence. In 1962, Soviet scientists directed a radio transmitter to Venus and saluted the planet using the Morse code. This first entry of its kind consisted of three words: mir (a Russian word meaning peace or world), Lenin, and the USSR (an abbreviation of the name Soviet Union written in Cyrillic in Latin). The message was considered essentially symbolic and positive in 2018. In an article published in the International Journal of Astrobiology. It was most like a brand new space radar test. It is a technology that sends radio waves into space. Its main purpose is to observe and exhibit the objects of the solar system.

In terms of distance, the next attempt to reach extraterrestrial civilizations was much more ambitious. 1974 A team of scientists, including astronomers Frank Drake and Carl Sagan, delivered a Messier 13 radio message from Aresibo Observatory in Puerto Rico for $ 25,000. to the star cluster in light years. The image message sent in binary code included a graphic human figure, a DNA double helix graphic structure, a carbon atom model, and a telescope diagram.

“The Aresibo message is an effort, in mathematical and scientific language, to present a generalized picture of who we are people,” explains psychologist and non-governmental research organization Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International (METI), with extraterrestrial civilizations that create and convey messages aimed at connecting .

Multiple attempts have been made to communicate with aliens: what are the consequences?

Aresib’s message with the true meaning of these words was the shots in the dark. It takes about 25,000 to reach Messier 13. light years. But Cornell University’s Astronomy Department says the stars will have already moved when the message reaches him. Hypothetical aliens still have the ability to detect a penetrating signal – its intensity is 10 million times stronger than the radio signals sent by our Sun (the Sun emits a wide range of electromagnetic radiation from electromagnetic to radio waves). However, Seth Shostak, an astronomer from the Institute for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), says this is highly unlikely.

“Then it just came to our attention. Shostak explained to Live Science. It looks like a giant billboard that should be on the highway but appears somewhere in the fields.

Until recently, radio signals were used to transmit everything from art to advertising. According to an article published in the International Journal of Astrobiology, Doritos published his ad in 2008 in the direction of the Great Turtle Wheels – radar signals were directed to one of the solar systems 42 light years away from the constellation. In 2010, a message written in Klingon (an artificial language spoken by Star Trek aliens) invited real aliens to take part in a Klingon opera in the Netherlands.

His attempts to connect with aliens were not limited to walkie-talkies. Spaceships with artifacts from Earth also set sail, hoping that they would eventually be caught in space by representatives of alien and intelligent life forms. The 1977 Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft were launched in 2006 to explore the farthest corners of our solar system and interstellar space. Both spacecraft have a golden disk, a message from humanity, consisting of music, ambient sounds from Earth, and 116 images of our planet and solar system.

Voyager probes are still flying through interstellar space, waiting for someone to discover them. But what are the chances of this happening? Sheri Wells-Jensen, a linguist from Bowling Green University specializing in extraterrestrial civilizations, says “Zero.”

Multiple attempts have been made to communicate with aliens: what are the consequences?

“This is a beautiful and poetic decision, a fascinating and bold attempt to bring together the best defining elements of humanity, even though it is pointless in terms of actual communication,” says Sh. Wells-Jensen.

Experts agree that any attempt at reaching foreign civilizations has poor chances. Such an outcome would of course depend on the existence of other life forms in our solar system. However, representatives of life forms that we do not know exist must also listen carefully to radio signals and have sufficient knowledge of mathematics and science to understand the messages we send. Additionally, the messages we send essentially assume that these aliens perceive the universe similarly to us – through sight and hearing.

However, this does not mean that all these messages are meaningless. “Then it just came to our attention. So why not look?” Sh. Wells-Jensen. What if our messages to these hypothetical beings are illegible? It doesn’t matter. “It seems to me that the most important thing we have said so far is that we exist in general,” Sh. Wells-Jensen.

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