Thursday , June 30 2022

Mother of the deceased child: Child changed after half a year


A member of Seimas Mindaugas Puidokas believes that we are experiencing a lot of problems in the child protection system and some are repetitive and frightening families. He tried to prove that Sejm invited a child from a press conference room and left three children at home.

Evelina Geležiininien be, a missing mother, says her little child was taken from a kindergarten without knowledge and that she lived in a foster family for almost a year, that the mother was able to meet her child in just one year, and still did not know when she took her baby.

"My child, a year ago, after listening to the story of Kručinskas, I decided to return to the Seimas member for help. I did everything, but the child was not returned for undisclosed reasons, did not motivate the pre-trial investigation, and it is not clear who is responsible for possible return – Kaunas or Kaunas region.

The response was always bureaucratic. I think that this law is suppressed, it hurts children, parents and families. I did not have the opportunity to interview me for half a year. I was told that there was no need to damage the pre-trial investigation, and a half-year later the child was said to have changed,) the mother complained.

She believes that the child was taken from her mother after a conflict in the kindergarten where the baby slid her head. It was not nursery representatives who wanted this truth to be disclosed, and a few weeks later a baby was taken because of possible domestic violence.

A child violence was suspected from E. Geleži şüphnien sahip, and the same mother was suspected of having pre-trial investigations. My mother didn't want to talk about it, but her lawyer, Ruta Visocnik, said that this child abduction was more common than the lawyers.

"The Evelina case shows what the services are and what they are doing. They believe that their work is officially bureaucratic. Zor A lawyer said," It is frightening that parents withdraw to a difficult bureaucratic environment, because not everyone can hire a lawyer, and lawyers can handle these questions day and night. not enough, edebil he said.

According to R. Visocnik, services should move faster and more efficiently, easier to communicate with parents and not to be too cold.

De When you learn about the correspondence between mother and child rights service, you see that the mother is inhuman. A woman has 3 children, she has a job, and she also cares, wants to interact with a child, writes, asks, asks for a meeting, but the services are quiet or very bureaucratic, Bir he said.

They believe that services should be more open, so they don't have to ask everything.

The lawyer is convinced that domestic violence cases should be explored more quickly and this should not last for a year. According to the lawyer, for a long time to investigate, there is space for interpretation and manipulation, minors are forgotten, confused.

"The child does not know what he is saying, the subject of the pre-trial investigation is painful. If the child has symptoms of violence in the body, doctors can determine it and the test can take a month, but it may take a year," – said the lawyer.

MP Puidok argued that the law on the protection of the rights of the child should be corrected immediately, the parents should have the right to complain, the meetings should be filmed, the lawsuits should be carried out orally, and the parents should be granted legal aid as a lawyer.

In addition, according to the politician, it is necessary to define precisely what violence is, how individuals can make decisions and work for children's rights experts. reminds this since July 1 this year has received 6434 notifications of alleged infringement of the rights of the child until 29 October (taken from an unsafe environment and / or defined as a second threat to the child) – 2,344 children.

Of these, 1128 children were taken from an insecure environment and transferred to representatives (parents or guardians) in accordance with the law without posing a threat to the child or the first threat of the child. .

From the foster child of the 906 to 29 October – 79 children.

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