Friday , August 19 2022

Match dragon "Drag kazannas" began to win


The Drag üzerindenas handlers in Klaiplarda are working on a nervous program this week. However, the job ends – Wednesday night, the first of three matches scheduled for this week was won at home.

In the handball league game of Lithuania "Drag -nas" 32:23 (15:15), Alytus defeated "Varsas-Stronglasas".

Although the leaders did not appear in the first half, Drag içinnas took the lead in the second half of the game and pushed the 5: 0 shot to take the lead. Raising the cliff to 8 targets, the dragons tried to hold it, and if they succeeded, they tried to increase it further. "Dragınas" match ended with 9 goals.

After the match, Dragunas men. Technical director Arturas Juškicinas, the goal is to miss a relatively small number of goals, but the quality of the game is not satisfactory, he said.

"We missed twenty-three goals, the game is good but the game is chaotic. During the warm-up period and in the first minutes of the match. If I say how I tried, I didn't get the players and the team opponent got out of the rating. Okay, today we saved the door. We looked weedless, "said A. Juškordnas.

However, "Worcester-Stronglaso" said that the male Egidijus Petkevičius coach "Dragidnas" is more powerful.

"We're losing, unlucky." First you need to congratulate the opponent, he was stronger. When it comes to the match, the first half didn't go well enough for us, maybe we did some defense, we were attacked and everything was fine. In the second half, there was no chance of getting a hundred percent from a distance. Taking advantage of the opponent's advantages, he achieved fast goals, so we could play the rhythm of the match and their end was just a formality, "- replied E. Petkevičius.

The next match "Draginas" will play on Friday and Sunday – the Baltic handball league is waiting. Friday, November 9 at 7:00 Home (Taikos ave. 61A) Klaip 11da team will flock to Minsk SKA (Belarus) on Sunday, November 11 at 14.00. – Zaporizhzhya ZTR (Ukraine).

According to A. Jušk bilenas, although there is almost no time for meetings, you cannot imagine about victory because you need to improve the game.

"Such a game is not enough because two rival opponents will not give us such gifts. If we do not improve our game it will be a very bad result," – convinced the persuasive strategist.


Drag .nas: Gabrielius Virbauskas – 9 goals, Karolis Blius – 6, Modestas Vaitek 3nas – 4, Mykolas Lapiniauskas, Deividas Virbauskas and Benas Butkus – 3, Laurynas Simonavičius – 2, Gintaras Cibulskis and Karolis Stropus – 1 goal.

– Stronglasas: ydygimantas Micevičius and Deivas Eidukonis – 5 goals, Šaronnas Krisiulevičius – 4, Nedas Buronkas and Mindaugas Sladkevičius – 2, Gintautas Adamkevičius, Aurelijus Sabonis, Remigijus isepulis, Tautvydas Petrušauskas, Arvydas Lubauskas – 1 goal.

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