Sunday , January 17 2021

LNK leader Z. Sarakien diğer: Meetings with V. Gapšius took place with other politicians

He said politicians called for television to get a high score for the television channel: the higher the ratings, the higher the income.

"And together with Elijah Masiul and Vytautas Gapšius and Jurgis Razma, Algirdas Brazauskas (deceased president), Viktor Uspaskich, counted the votes. E. Masiulis was talking young, growing, attractive, beautiful. Algirdas invited Butkevičius, the opposition – from Irena Degutienul – He looked good, to Z. Sarakien telefon court, who admitted that unpopular politicians did not want to listen to the phone.

In this case, there is a section suspected to give a total of 27.1 thousand Raimondas Kurlianskis, former vice-president of the MG Baltics. The euro bribes the former member of Seimas Vytautas Gapšys. Law enforcement agencies claim that for a portion of this amount, the group issued discounts for the Labor Party's political advertisements, while the rest are concealed as a subsidy to the public institution.

Sigismund Gedwil / Photo 15min / Raymond Kurliansky

Sigismund Gedwil / Photo 15min / Raymond Kurliansky

R.Kurlianskis was chairman of LNK. R. Kurlianskis, who is under investigation at the Vilnius District Court, is charged with bribing former lawmakers Elijah Masiulis, Šarinas Gustainis and V. Gapšys.

"We were a bit dazed when we called for a survey," Z. Sarakienem said at a hearing Wednesday. Said. In addition to Gapšis and R.Kurlianskis, he also admitted that E.Masiulis also knew it. You heard the president of LNC, for the first time in his life, he could be considered a bribe. He denied that R.Kurlianskis had applied for a concession on the Labor Party.

The witness said no one had made any concessions with him because he was responsible for LNK sales manager Tomas Bartininkas. Last Wednesday, he was questioned at a special hearing not to disclose trade secrets.

Z. Sarakiene, in one meeting, Gapšys said that the Labor Party, to which he belongs, showed the party in a disadvantaged context.

"No politician doesn't like how we set him on fire. Whether LNK's manager in the tribunal, the Labor Party or the current" peasants, "they were pestering us.

The police have secretly locked three brief talks between Gapšis and Z. Sarakienš in November 2015. They were heard in the recordings, when they were talking about the meetings, V.Gapšys and Z.Sarakien hakkında, they turned to each other with the word "you".

"There was no talk about privileges with V. Gapšis, the elections were mentioned," said LNK General Manager.

V. Gapšis told reporters after the press conference that they had communicated with all media, like all politicians of that time.

"My job was like this, there is probably one more important media guide I haven't contacted. The same media invited me to the annual presentation party where politicians were gathering.

The negative content of the Labor Party, mentioned by Z. Sarakien olduğun, is related to the so-called "un scandal" because of people who are too expensive to buy flour in Lithuania.

Edi Not more than the others. And if any discounts are made, let the court learn. (..) The prosecutor was very impressed that the fantasy could not be outside, Diğer V. Gapšys said, "When asked about meetings with Z. Sarakien.

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