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Kaunas' ta – J. Brodsky poetry and ballet legend M. Baryšnikovas duet


Comfortable connector

According to the organizer Greta Cholina, the Lithuanian audience will have a unique opportunity to see the joint works of the three brilliant creators – A. Hermanis, J..Brodskis and M. Baryšnikovas, even the roots of Lithuania aimed at him: Poet J Brodskis lived and worked for a while in our country.

The legendary ballerina in Russian, J.Brodskis & # 39; s mother tongue, long-time friends are longing for suspicious and reading works. His fine construction opens the viewer to A. Hermann, the respected imagination of the inner world of the poet.

Performance is definitely not biographical. The focus is on the poem that opens the heart and goes home. The concept of "home" in this performance is not limited to one dimension, because it is a place that will last forever, home-made houses, and internal freedoms to talk about what to feel, a metaphor.

Those who migrated from the former USSR had to leave their homes to J.Brodskis and M.Baryshnikov because of their creative and personal freedoms, this issue was always close enough. The close friendship of both creators lasted more than twenty years, until the death of J.Brodskis in 1996. After the death of a poet, Ms. Baryshnikov said to a bitch, "I cannot imagine going to Jose."

Looking for answers

This performance is like meeting two friends at a non-volatile time. "It's not just a show, it's more like a spiritual session, or says the director.

It's not just a performance. It's more like a spirit session.

The absolute body asks the award-winning legendary ballerina A. Hermann as an extremely sensitive tool in the hands of the director. Poetry is the highest art. Contains many components: music, content, form, composition, architecture.

I Poetry is a poetry concentrate, dır says A. Herman. It was also the first driving force to bring Brodsky poetry together. and Baryshnikov's body. "

During the one and a half hour performance of the 70th anniversary of this year, M.Baryshnikov reads a series of lines and is literally understood. He dances differently – ultimately the talent ballet dancer is already dancing on stage, dancing, choreography reveals his thoughts.

Great trips

1948. Born in Riga, Ms. Baryshnikov is considered one of the most famous dancers of our time. At that time, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) artist S. Kirov's impressive achievements of the opera and ballet theater were allowed to go to a statute in the octagonal in 1974. The journey was fatal. Toronto cheated the crowd after a show, ran to run. As the fans thought, not from the crowd, but from the USSR security guard following him. A fugitive from the USSR inspired by former Nerijus Makarov was accomplished by a former stage partner: a 26-year-old young artist who applied for political asylum in a free world.

Regardless of his own safety, he was passionate for a long time, but joined the world of Western Ballet, settled in New York, and became the main dancer of the American Ballet Theater (ABT). 1978. Participated in the New York City Ballet and worked with the legendary George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins.

Soon after, he accepted what he once did while fleeing the legend of the ballet, the USSR. "Of course, she has a political side, but I dreamed of dancing, and I dreamed of seeing the world. I know that if I hadn't traveled the world, I wouldn't have met my colleagues and choreographers, I couldn't develop as a dancer and man," said Ms. Baryshnikov in an interview.

Just two weeks after the flight, the artist signed up with J.Brodskis. Long conversations, daily meetings and walks – the first two were two brothers who could speak for hours, leaving the USSR. Only, unlike the poet, Russia's nostalgia, M. Baryshnikov, did not feel. Although both parents are Russian, he says that they have closer ties with Latvian culture and traditions, in which his surroundings grow and mature. Proof of this is that Mr. Baryshnikov has ignored invitations to visit Russia.

Dance Visionary

A tall and tall artist, the artist rebuked the audience with her flawless technique, her sensitivity to music and her roles, her easy jump and sincerity. Ya It doesn't matter how high your feet are. Technical transparency, simplicity ”says M.Baryšnikovas about the mastery of ballet artists.

In the United States, he was not only known as a singer, but also as a ballet-visionary: from 1980 to 1989. a. He became the artistic director of ABT and has been developing a new dancer and choreographer for more than a decade.

I have a very physical poem. This was the first impulse to bring together the Brodsky poem and the body of Baryshnikov.

From 1990 to 2002 Ms. Baryshnikov is the director of the White Oak Project, a dancer. The project, established with the dancer Mark Morris, aims to expand the repertoire of modern American dance and bring older dancers to active work.

The actor's ability M.Baryšnikov took stage in the theater, television and cinema scene. This critique of art has also been recognized by art critics: he was nominated for the Drama Desk award for the turning point of Herbert Rosso for "Metamorphoses" and "Oscars."

Well-known and awarded

Ms. Baryshnikov underlined that she was never a dissident, but like all the great personalities, she has her own idea of ​​the world's current issues and is not afraid to share it.

For M. Barynnikov, the success of the scene brought not only Hollywood stars, but also with the US presidents, but also with life's sots. However, even when he was wealthy, he remained faithful to his profession: creating, playing, loving, and being a passionate collector of artistic works. 2005. The Baryshnikov Art Center in New York was a creative space where artists from all over the world came from interdisciplinary art.

Among the many awards awarded to M. Baryznikov, one of the highest honors for US artists is the National Art Medal and the Commonwealth Award, the Chubb Fellowship, the honorary doctorates of the most famous universities. 2010. The French Honorary Legion Officer was ordered and in 2017 – Japan's prestigious international award in Praemium Imperiale in the theater / film industry.

Immortal duet

The "Brodsky / Baryshnikov" performance premiered in 2015. October 15 at the new Riga Theater. Tickets to eleven premiere scribbled in one day. In local media, he wrote that 100 euro worth of tickets were used online in a few minutes, and on the eve of the show sellers they wanted 1,800 euros for them.

Verici It's painful to be nice, painfully nice. This may be a brief review of the performance of Alvier Hermann's "Brodsky / Baryshikov" – this time there won't be 1,200 characters, "says Diena.

"The privilege of the great and living Baryshnikov is to speak to Brodsky, the great but dead, the patriotism, the banalism, the creeping and fluctuating, the ends of the fingers, the ways many speakers try to get closer and closer together. Here they are equal." (Yaz) Stage Baryshnikov is one, but in fact there are two: the person who can talk and write the verses of this speech on life, death, non-fulfillment, forgiveness and goodbye, wrote to Ekaterina Gordejeva the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta".

. The voice of Baryshikov is beautiful, and he is spreading him in a subtle and subtle way. From the beginning of the American road, he's a very profound actor as we know it is, a man with a wanky butterfly, a kabuki player, and scary death watchmen in his amazing muzzle. I can't judge how Brodsky conveyed the Russian language, but I can safely put this artist into Charlie Chaplin, where he is an actor, dancer and impersonator, to the highest level, Lilian Gish. These are immortals, "said the famous ballet critic. Robert Gottlieb

Alvis Hermanis, the lead author of the theater, was ruled by Alvis Hermanis, who became one of the most important figures of European art. This work was considered a love and memory. One of the greatest poets of the next century and one of the greatest dancers could think that he would create and create the magic of the theater. ? Huffingtonpost's Michele Willens has come up with "better times," and new enthusiasts looking for theater fans are better off.

According to Melanie Brown, Stagebuddy 's author "Brodsky / Baryshnikov" is important in that Brodsky' s remarks address only the life of a dear friend. Baryshikov, with the words of Brodsky, leads the viewer to the perfection of his poetry. The past is constantly repeating happiness, fear, and heart pain. "

Names and faces

Performance, Alvis Hermanis, stage designer – Kristina Jurjan Berg, light painter – Glebs Filštinskis, costume designer – Deanna Berg MacLean, Jim Wilson's music. "The Cricket Choir of God"; Karl Ton Cast – M. Baryshnikov.

Director of Performance – M. Baryshnikov, A. Hermanis, who was born in Riga, became one of the most influential European theater personalities in the last decade. A. Hermann works with the most famous European theaters – Burgtheater Vienna, Berlin Schaubühne, Zurich Schauspielhaus, Milano Teatro alla Scala, Paris Opéra National, etc. Since 2012, he is conducting opera for Salzburg Festival. A.Hermann's performances visited more than 40 countries and took part in major festivals in Edinburgh from Avignon. Many of his awards include the European Prize for New Theater Reactions, the Prize of Max Reinhardt (Salzburg Festival), the Nestroyaus Prize (Austria), the Konrad Wolf Prize (Germany) and others. Since 1997 A.Hermann is going to the New Riga State Repertory Theater.

Baryshnikov Productions, an independent theater company based in New York, announced that the voices of leading directors, choreographers and artists will be heard in the most prestigious world theater halls. White oak dance project (1990-2002), Banned Christmas, or Doctor and Patient (2004-2006), "Beckett Short Game" (2007), "Paris" (2010-2012), was created and visited on the initiative of this company. "Man in the 2012-2014 Cup", "Senya" (2013-2015) and "Letter to People" (2015-2017).

What: Performance "Brodsky / Baryshikov".

when: January 8 at 19

where: Kaunas, VDU hall.

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