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In the Kručinskas family in Kaunas – a shock after the visit of psychologists: told what happened there

The Kruskinsky family cannot escape after the children are taken. The family is sure to be shocked. The television reminds children to be taken after the anonymous call from the family. At the same time, the Child Protection Specialist has set a second level of risk that allows children to be taken immediately.

One of the most important conditions for determining such a threat level is the disappointment of the parents. Although not defined for Kruszynski, Daiva Porutiene, head of the Kaunas Children's Protection Service, informed the media that Eglut Kručinskien Serv was intoxicated. Later women were right to confuse names.

Eglka and Gintaras Kručinskai

Eglka and Gintaras Kručinskai

© DELFI / Rafael Achmedov

Kručinskienė was arrested throughout the day. She was not given food.

It's still hard for stressed babies to return to normal life. Parents say they lost their real help.

"What kind of help are you giving me? Thought and said – control assistance. If necessary we can take her to a clinic if necessary." She suggested that she could accompany us. <...> We're rehabilitating ourselves, we're with kids, ediy says Krucinsk.

Experts in the protection of children's rights, children receive multi-faceted help, he says. However, it was revealed that help was provided to parents who do not have social skills but were not affected by shock.

Olabilir This can be a social worker who can help parents understand how to use parenting methods if parents are not able to find a common language with their children. Birut Dair Mikul Ailenait Sosyal, Head of the Department of Social Services Family Services in the Center for Social Services in the City of Kaunas, also offers the help of a planned psychologist.

Gintaras and Eglė Krucinskai

Gintaras and Eglė Krucinskai

© DELFI / Rafael Achmedov

According to Krucinsk, the psychologist proposed by the state reminded more of a chapter than a person who should help him. Krukinsk refused to offer a psychologist for the child's rights. He's still using the church psychologist.

"I'm shocked after the takeover. She goes to a psychologist, for example, and gives you a picture of a person to put you in a home.

Children's drama – scandal return

With a breathtaking scent, Lithuania's entire drama was followed by a drama about heartbeats when children of Kaunas's children's rights were removed by their parents and temporarily detained them. According to the lawyers of Amber and Eglandal Kršinsk family of the Krucinsk family Rlarta Visocnik and Saulius Dambrauskas, this is a scandal return to the family drama.

Dı The public authorities have repeatedly provided assistance to the family and, in particular, children, to the provisions of the law. They have psychological support and psychological support. Do you imagine how this whole thing hurts children? The results are felt even today. However, no psychologist appeared in the family home. For children, no psychological assistance was provided, "- The video tape of" Wave On ", published by the Kručinskas family lawyer R. Visocnik, was published in a press release broadcast on television.

According to family lawyers, children's rights social workers who remind children of the painful separations of children show that the probability of trauma is higher:

"Children see the aunt coming and remembering their minds, fearing that they can be taken back from their parents and given to someone else. This is not a help.

Saulius Dambrauskas, another lawyer of the Krucinsk family, talks about an increasingly controversial conspiracy theory. More and more people are talking about this day and it sucks when you hear it. "

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