Thursday , July 29 2021

"Frightened Max" after the E.Okon's closure after the race –

He was frightened by Max Verstappen in the incident with Esteban Oconu, the second surrounded by a room where all racers had to return.

The Brazil GP weekend is unusually related to the scales. On Saturday, Sebastian Vettel broke the scales, and on Sunday, after the race on the scales, a fight between the two young men came out.


M. Verstappen headed for the lead but O & # 39; Connor 's hit caused the crash, causing the Dutch to return and to lose their first position.

This event allowed Lewis Hamilton to win and retain the title of the fifth consecutive designer.

"We did everything right in the race. But this idiot clapped me, despite being in a circle," said M. Verstappen.

However, M. Verstappen kept E.Okon a few times before leaving the interview, looking for people to stop the attack, so that it would not turn into a more serious battle.

Soon after, the judge called to show and clarify the situation in which the couple allegedly violated article 12.1.1, dealing with competition and the whole face of the slogan sport.


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