Monday , September 26 2022

Founded by the successor of I. Zasimauskaitaca: the extraordinary timbre of sound


The BUT incarnation project çok The Musical Mask inci began in the seventh season on the last Saturday evening and jumped to eleventh most popular shows and rose to the seventh rank and became the most watched Saturday show in Lithuania.

Ten new artists and a renewed project commission have made the project more impressive than ever. The first place on the premiere night was the young generation Dainot Varnas, who embodied George Michael and staged Fastlove.

"I saw you, although you're completely different, George Michael. Every lip tie, every move, step … Different people are completely different," says Inga Valinskien.

When Gabija Lokytaca emerged, there was a concussion between the audience sitting in the hall – the girl had been masterfully painted the timbre of Zasimauskait vard. Livia Gradauskienğ assured that this performance will be included in the list of incarnations of the best "Music Mask" of all time.

The rules of the overall score table and the participants, not only by D. Varnas, but also by the famous singer G. Lokyt toplan with the "Lithuanian Bale", to gather almost on the hair without the winner of the first eviction – the rules of the competition predict that the winner will be announced after collecting more commissions. . vote. Dainot had 46 points and Gabija scored 31 points and 15 points. That's why W. Werner was the winner of the first release.

Baiba & # 39; s Lady Gaga, R. Laureckis – Rom Dambrausku, I. Kazlauskait 'by the second album, Kristina Orbakait Krist, J. Bruzga – Aleksander Makejev, G. Lokyt I., "Evanescence" by the group, D. Varnas, star of disco music it will be. J. Lapatinsk – Saulius Pr &saitis, member of the Roses group A. Kisielieneri, un Vairas yd R. Janušas – Adrianas Celentanas and K. Radžiukynaitrian – Leader of the group Donatas Montvydas, "Nothing Worth", Ariana Grande will represent the leader of the group. "Musical Mask" – every Saturday night at 19:30. With BTV

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