Tuesday , October 26 2021

Discovering that unidentified objects in heaven are recognized by pilots in Ireland


BBC announces British Airways pilot Fridaythis morning Shannon contacted the Airport Traffic Control Station. I noticed the "fast moving object" because I wanted to know if there was any military drill in the area.

The Air Traffic Controller made sure that no exercises were made in this area.

A pilot flying from Montreal, Canada to Heathrow Airport said he noticed a very bright light emitting object that appeared on the left side of the plane, and then; was moving rapidly northward Montreal.

The woman wanted to know what could happen, but said the object was not a collision threat.

The Virgin Airlines pilot thought it could be a meteor or other object that sees an extraordinary phenomenon and transcends the Earth's atmosphere. "A few objects that resemble the same orbit," he said, and said they were very bright. Pilate, on the right side of the plane "two bright bodies" and saw that it increases speed, he said.

Another pilot said the object or objects were moving at "astronomical speed".

What could it be?

Armagh Observatory and planetarium astronomer Apostolos Christou said that the Earth's atmosphere is probably the space dust passing at very high speeds.

”It's probably the so-called falling star,“ he said. – Witnesses said they saw very bright lights, so I think the object or the objects are quite large. I can't say exactly, but the definition of the pilots, cosmic dust or stones could be the size of a walnut or apple. "

In November, the astronomer said that these sky phenomena were often occurring. Estimated every year 40,000 tons of cosmic dust reaches the earth's surface.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) explores this unusual phenomenon.

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