Friday , January 28 2022

Court allows Small Planet Airlines to make the necessary payments


Photo by Vladimir Ivanov (VZ)

Photo by Vladimir Ivanov (VZ)

Small Planet Airlines, the Lithuanian constitution company that sought financial restructuring on Thursday, made the necessary payments for its operations.

"In order to continue the restructuring process successfully, the Little Planet Airlines applied to the Vilnius District Court for the implementation of interim measures. The company requested to allow payment from the accounts in terms of performance. Bartkus informed BNS.

He reiterated that the restructuring of the Little Planet Airlines did not affect the company's flights from Lithuania and foreign countries. According to him, passengers will suffer from the restructuring of the company.

At the end of October, the Vilnius District Court dismissed the request for broader interim measures when examining Small Planet Airlines' claim. The company not only allowed payment of accounts, but also temporarily prohibited aircraft tenants and airline companies from canceling contracts, regaining or seizing aircraft, stopping services and property.

Due to the financial hardship of the restructuring companies in Poland and Germany, the Little Planet Airlines appealed to the Vilnius District Court on 23 October as a result of the restructuring in Lithuania. Kristijon Kaikaris, president of the Little Planet Airlines, asks the manager to appoint Insolvensa.

The court hearing will be held on 23 November.

Small Planet Group companies in Poland and Germany are restructuring in September and October. In addition to these three markets, the company also operates in Cambodia.

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