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Boxer Evaldas Petrauskas considered guilty for extending hand to disabled men | names

According to a press statement issued by the tribunal on 9 November, a criminal conviction, including a well known boxer, E. Petrauskas, was found guilty of serious ill-treatment.

According to the file, on 28 February 21 in 2017, E. Petrauskas buried his victim in Alytus, near the lake Dailidış, in the course of verbal conflicts during the meal, then with at least three shots in his head and face with his hands and feet.

As Alytaus naujiene wrote earlier, the victim has an injury and a conflict has arisen due to the exclusion of drug traffickers.

The result of Alytus Subdivision specialist of the State Forensic Medicine Service shows that the patient has found a bruise on the skin and under the skin, as in the right corner of the lower jaw and on the forehead and right eyelid.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min Photo / Reviews Petrauskas

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min Photo / Reviews Petrauskas

The Court was consistent, comprehensive and almost unchanged, both before and during the pre-trial investigation and on the basis of the testimony of the victim and the witness during the trial, and E. Petrauska was convicted of a crime.

In deciding on a sentence, the court took into account the circumstances which alleviated the accused 's personality – E.Petrauskas was first tried, before the pre-trial investigation, and the accused Lithuanian boxing federation was considered positive.

Having regard to the above-mentioned circumstances, the court sentenced E.Petrauskas to a one-year limitation and made it necessary to have him at home from 23:00 hours for the entire duration of his trial. If it's not about the job, it's up to 6:00.

Within six months of the entry into force of the judgment, the prisoner must work for 100 hours free of charge for health, care and nursing institutions or for non-governmental organizations dealing with people with disabilities, hearing impairments or others in need.

The well-known boxer is also liable to indemnify EUR 1200 for non-pecuniary damage and EUR 250.00 for pecuniary damage to the victim, and the costs incurred by the Vilnius Regional Patient Fund to cover the cost of secondary legal aid for 336.54 Euros and 156 euros. will be compensated.

This decision can be appealed to the Kaunas District Court within 20 days.

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