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Bee pitch will help when cold onset symptoms begin


According to Dr. Juozas Jokim, a veterinarian growing up in Switzerland, he said, bir We should seek an effective immune system in the hives, not an immunity enhancement and elsewhere İsviçre.

"It looks like a strange sticky mass, but magical – a virus-destroying – composition. J.Jochas are widely used in plant propagation materials and are used to cover the hulls of propolis and to cover hives to prevent unhealthy moisture.

The beekeepers claim that the curative effect of this agent is determined by a plurality of biologically active agents involved in the propolis composition. Most polyphenols are found in propolis, the main part being flavonoids. Essential are aromatic acids and their esters, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. These substances are involved in immunological reactions and are essential for the vital functions of the body.

The useful properties of Propolis are also confirmed by Vida Jokimien, the beekeeper's wife, pharmacist and plant specialist. "In autumn, I've always had a lot of demand for improving the immunity of children and treating the common cold. As a five-grandchild grandmother and long-term pharmacist, I believe there is no more useful substance for the prevention and treatment of a common cold with propolis. It is a real bee power, when the first symptoms of the common symptoms occur, when it overcomes various bacteria and viruses.

Fotolia Photo / Beat

Fotolia Photo / Beat

According to him, it is very important not only to choose a propolis product but also to use it as a winter approach. Ginger, raspberry, etc. I prefer other long-lasting, natural, Lithuanian propolis, which always contain vitamin C and plant extracts. Not only has it been able to fight cold diseases for many years, it also strengthens the immunity of our family members, hastalık the pharmacist smiles.

Interestingly, the use of propolis can actually help suppress initial symptoms such as sore throat, swallowing, nasal congestion. This is due to the fact that the components of the propolis disinfect, moisturize and protect the mucous membranes. "Several studies have shown that bee pitch decreases the side effects of medicines. When applying bee pitch preparations in combination with other treatment measures, the treatment process of various diseases is sometimes reduced by half, so it develops much faster," – says pharmacist.

Photo of Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch

Photo of Scanpix / Flower and Bee Pitch

Both pharmacists and beekeepers agree that propolis has anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate the capture of cold symptoms. Propolis strengthens the body's natural ability to protect itself against harmful microorganisms.

"It is very important to notice the first signs. After taking the" tail "disease and using this natural antibiotic continuously, it is possible to avoid treatment completely with chemical drugs," – says V.Jokimien.

According to him, propolis effectively reduces perforation, pain, reduces breathing and moisturizes the respiratory system. According to plant experts, the person who uses propolis retains the body's resistance to diseases.

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