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Artist Laimutis Ločeris Dead | culture


Born in 1952 in Birzai, he graduated from the Lithuanian Institute of the Arts (now the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts), and a few years later he was educated at the Leningrad Academy of Art (now St. Petersburg).

Since 1960, L & # 39; Locher has participated in exhibitions, created monumental decorative artifacts for interiors in the cafés in Druskininkai, Vilnius, and participated in the "EXPO-70" world exhibition.

Former generation L. Ločeris, closed-closed capital restaurant "Tauras", remembers the monuments in the famous children's cage "Nykštukas" and its work can still be seen in the Crowne Plaza (formerly "Draugyst restoran"), "Neringa". The art world especially appreciates the reliefs of L. Locher's "Eternal Oak", "Sounds of the Dune".

Yarat The transparent openings of drawing, free configuration, pure, bright colors create a pleasant mood. Bright, light L.Ločeris "Anykščiirm šilelio", "Neringa" colorful tables of the cage, the linearity of the linear drawings, rhythmic rhythm and elegant forms, the simplicity of art, the simplicity of the art showed, "says art critic Giedr Any JankevičiLt hafif.

Sculptures of the creator, sculptures Druskininkai, Nida, Ukmergida, Vilkaviškis and other cities cafes. The artist used metal, concrete, wood for the works. Monumental, plain, decorative forms are characterized by dynamism, meticulousness.

In 1987, L.C. He went to Canada and lived in Hamilton for three years. At the same time, L.Locher worked successfully in private education institutions, worked creatively, but always said that although he dreamed of returning to Lithuania, he was perhaps the hardest and longest in his life.

After Lithuania regained its independence, the artist returned to his homeland. He then returned to work at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he later became a doctor.

L.Locher will be on top of the artists of the Antakalnis cemetery in Vilnius.

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