Friday , May 20 2022

After knowing about snow – a corrected synoptic prediction: the unpleasantness crashes unexpectedly


Light rain falls too much. Most of the time it will rain, but the weather may also occur. The highest temperature reaches 2-7 degrees. Utena will be only 2-4, Vilnius, Kaunas and PanevŠžys 3-5 and Šiauliai will heat 4-6 degrees. The hottest day Klaiptada – expected at a temperature of 5-7 degrees.

Monday night, there are also many rainy weather with mostly rainy rains. In some places there is a weak lilyundra and a nipple. Northeast wind will remain.

The lowest temperature will be from 1 degree to 3 degrees. In Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai and Klaipeda, as the temperature approaches zero, Panev &žys and Utena can cool down to 1 degree.

Rainfall will fall less in the day. Light rainfall will only fall somewhere, but the heat will be low. The air will warm up to 0-5 degrees.

Starting from Tuesday, the air will be increasingly affected by high atmospheric pressure. No significant precipitation is expected in the middle of the week. At night it is a bit dry and in days the temperature will be close to zero.

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