Friday , September 24 2021

A volatile week awaits: weather forecasters predict heat, rain and lightning

In the morning, even in the northeast, the constant rain clouds will drift, and by noon they will be calmer as they leave. Then rain will change nature and continuous rain will change short-term zeros. In some places it will rise sharply. Occasional storm. A strong westerly wind will blow, in some westerly areas their wind will reach 15-18 m / s. After serving, the air will warm up to 18-22 degrees.

On Tuesday, short-term rains, both day and night, will blow almost everywhere. Only in southeastern Lithuania can it stay drier at night. Showers and thunderstorms will accompany the occasional rain. A heavy evening will continue to worry, it is likely to still receive dangerous winds of 15-17 m / s in the western end of the country in the first half of the night. In Paris, thermometers will show between 12 and 17, while the day will be between 17 and 22 degrees.

On Wednesday, the pressure will gradually increase, a high-pressure vortex will approach from the East. Short-term rains will be seen only in some places. It is more likely to be taken in the western part at night, by the sea during the day, and in the northern parts of Lithuania. In the second half of the night, a thick veil of fog will extend somewhere underground. Thunderstorms can occur somewhere during the day. A weak, erratic wind will blow. Tonight the weather will cool down to 9-14 degrees and it will be about 16 degrees by the sea. During the day, the temperature will rise another degree, in the afternoon we will reach 18-23 degrees.

Thursday should also be good according to current data. The night is expected to be calm and dry. During the day, only short-term precipitation will be seen in the southeastern parts of the country. Isolated thunderstorms can also occur. The wind will turn from the northeast, from the east, will blow moderately. The temperature will be between 10-15 at night and will warm up to 20-25 degrees during the day.

Friday night will be a little different from Thursday. The dry air of man. A light but cool northeast wind will blow. As the sun rises, the temperature will drop to 11-16 degrees. On Friday, a new wet cyclone will approach southeast Lithuania. In the second half of the day, heavy clouds will reach the southeastern tip of the country and leave many places in the southeastern part of the country by evening. Severe Storm Probability. Strong northeast winds will blow. Although it is windy and humid, it will not prevent the air from warming up to 19-24 degrees.

Rainy and windy weather will prevail over the weekend and temperatures will rise another degree.

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