Saturday , October 23 2021

Yalla Shutt YouTube Watch Saudi Arabia and Yemen friendship


Between Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia on Friday (November 16th), Saudi Arabia has been hoping to win Yemen to win Yemen in Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Stadium next year in the UAE. It will be played as part of the Asian Nations Cup preparation held at 39th. At this important stage, we will learn how and when to watch the match between Saudi Arabia and Yemen today.

On Monday, the Saudi team made a choice between young people's experience and livelihood with the participation of 25 players signed by Argentine coach Juan Antonio Betzi, who entered the prep camp in Damar.

Finally, after the two disappointments in Qatar 2011 and Australia 2015, it is expected that the championship will reach the highest number of players, especially the young players and reach the final vision to all players before the start of the championship. Group stage.

The Yemen team, where it participated for the first time, considered that the competition in one of the two qualifying cards was very difficult due to the fact that Iraq and Iran were the best technic and the most experienced and experienced in this regard. prepared.

The champions defending in 1984, 1988 and 1996 are in the Group E with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon and North Korea, and Yemen with Iraq, Iran and Vietnam.

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