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WhatsApp Takes a Bad Defeat at the Hands of a Great New Alternative | Phalanges

An American expert recommended that you download the Signal app and enjoy the experience.

WhatsApp messaging and chat is trying to maintain its status as one of the safest platforms in the world and quickly catch up with its competitors, according to a report published by Forbes magazine and prepared by Zach Dufman, an advanced surveillance technology specialist for defense, national security and counter purposes. Terror.

a dangerous problem

While the Facebook owned app is good and popular in use, it has not achieved any beneficial use advantage across multiple devices, which has become a serious problem so far, and this problem is exacerbated by the rapid convergence of texting and calls and the ongoing connectivity of calls. WhatsApp is easier to use by phone than using a large screen device, which is a big hurdle for users.

Facebook does not protect privacy

Facebook has solved this problem through the Zoom apps, Microsoft Teams and Google as well as messaging rooms on its platform, but these are all apps and chat rooms that do not provide end-to-end encryption and therefore speaking in Duffman’s words here, Facebook will not be my first choice for voice calls. or Peer-to-peer video or group conversations on sensitive or confidential matters [أي أنه لا يثق في معايير الأمان لضمان الخصوصية الشخصية وحماية البيانات].

Beat WhatsApp

WhatsApp does a great job of securing voice and video calls from iPhone and Android apps, and this has recently increased to enable calls between eight parties. And all calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. Also the good news is that it has been announced that a full desktop app that is part of WhatsApp’s Connected Devices feature currently being tested is running and desktop-based search is enabled.

Signal strong punch

But WhatsApp took a severe hit from Signal, the best and smartest alternative to the app currently owned by Facebook. Uber-secure Signal has started making new video and audio calls from its awesome desktop app. While this feature is not yet available for conference calling, there is a hint in the Signal announcement that conference calling is being considered.

Distinctive compared to zoom

Signal app takes Zoom app into account, just like WhatsApp; especially as the market leader has made videoconferencing an everyday choice for millions of people around the world, whether in business or personal lives. “This release is one of the first steps towards our goal of providing secure voice and video calls on all your devices,” Signal said in a statement. Be [سيغنال] End-to-end encrypted and free to use for everyone. “

Today and in the long run

Although the service provided by Zoom is solid, it is not really a competition and Signal for WhatsApp is the best secure messenger available today and in the long run. Signal is also a great choice for anyone whose messages are not trusted by Facebook.

Signal fills the gaps

Objectively speaking, only two observations have been made on Signal compared to WhatsApp, the first is that there are still an insufficient number of users, i.e. tens of millions for around two billion users, and the second observation is that there are no backup copies to retrieve messages if one goes missing. He will also lose his messages regardless of his phone

First, Signal is growing in popularity and popularity as it is the most secure messaging program for anyone interested in protecting metadata or personal data. Unlike WhatsApp, the WhatsApp encryption feature is built according to a proprietary protocol, unlike the open source Signal protocol, which preserves the transparency of the app’s distribution so that it can be reviewed by third parties for vulnerabilities.

Going to the second note regarding the ability to restore backups, the Signal app allows users to transfer the recorded messages to a new device, and this allows the ability to keep an independent message log on each connected device, even if only available from the moment the device is connected. However, if the primary device is lost, the user will need to start storing it again.

Serious WhatsApp vulnerability

This observation may not be a flaw or problem, given that the enabling WhatsApp app to take back the feature for chat or media is currently stored in Apple or Google cloud without end-to-end encryption; this means users lost their protection. WhatsApp Distinction, which is said to be working on WhatsApp for a future version.

Desktop communication is not the only update that prioritizes the Signal app because it offers confirmation requests for receiving messages, which gives users the ability to choose who can send messages to them on the platform from outside the people registered on their device, which is one of the places of interest. Increased the popularity of the Signal app. As more users join, the chances of spam increase, but this issue is currently being addressed and addressed.

If you haven’t used it, Doffman finishes the report. [تطبيق] I strongly recommend downloading Signal on a phone so far and trying it out. “

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