Thursday , August 11 2022

Tim Hassan remembers his childhood memories


Tim Hassan, "Instagram" from his childhood met the audience in the famous photo exchange.

Tim commented: "Let him be in a semi-semi-bucket."

It is worth mentioning the recent work of Tim Hassan, the second part of the prestige series that participated in the last Ramadan season and attended to the prestigious Nicole Saba, Sultan Deeb, Rafiq Ali Ahmed, Merva Judge, Laila Qamri.

The second part of the series is based on a return to the causes of the events of the first chapter, the return of the two families and the return of the two families to conflict, and the participation of the new figures has extraordinary accounts with the family of Sheikh Mountain and the results of their complexity.

Finally, we would like to thank the visitors and followers of the Eastern Times website and promise to give you everything new and important from reliable news sources. We have mobilized Tim Hassan to recall the memories of his childhood in some way, and we were responsible for the reality of the news source.
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