Sunday , August 1 2021

The world's most gold-held countries .. "America has 8144 tons"

Dubai – By محمد فارس © Future for Publishing, Distribution and Press gold

Recently, prices have increased rapidly, with the worsening of the economic situation of most countries, the people who are purchased, but the durum gold in countries in the hands of precious metals have come to the forefront.

1_ United States

There are 8144 tonnes of gold or foreign reserves in the US.

2_ Germany

3370 tons of gold or foreign reserves have about 69%.

3_ Italy

Rome has 2452 tons of gold, according to "The Man" site.

4_ France

France has 2436 tons of gold.

5_rossi to

There are 2036 tons of gold in Russia.

6_ China

China has 1841 tons of gold.

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