Monday , September 26 2022

The construction of the Deir Ammar plant will start in the coming March, according to the terms of the previous agreement


In an interview with son Al Akhbar üzerinde, ay the reasons for the delay are not a concern, Ak he said, “the signing of contracts must reach an agreement on the final conditions that will not be late until the end of the year. The International Center for Settlement of Disputes and preparations for the establishment of the facility will be prepared for the signing of the contract. "

He stressed that "the technical conditions determined by the Swiss consultant in the previous ten years will be the same in the current decade and therefore there will be no changes in the quality of the turbines or in the capacity of the factory", adding that the facility increases its capacity from 450 MW to 760 MW. . Emphasizing that everything remains as the first contract (the Greek company on the website will have three turbines with a capacity of 126 MW and a fourth steam turbine with a capacity of 212 megawatts, a total of 590 MW).

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